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Do you ever suspend your Gigs?


Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering if you ever put your Gigs on “Suspend” or pause? Up until now, I had a full time job (I’ve just quit, not only because of Fiverr, but it helped to make that decision), and I didn’t have enough time to work on Fiverr, that’s why I had to put all my Gigs on suspend a few times now.

My observation is, that when I activate my Gigs again, it takes a day, two or three, and orders slowly start rolling in again. However, does suspending/activating Gigs have any negative effects on visibility/rankings? If I won’t be able to accept all orders for whatever reason, should I just add to Gig’s description to “Plese order after January 5th” instead of suspending the Gig? What do you think?

Thanks!! It’s a joy and privilege to be here. :slight_smile: Happy Holidays!


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Thanks for sharing! I wasn’t aware of negative effects from changing the Gigs. I used to tweak mine all the time, but now I’m kind of happy with them. Useful info.


I suspend my gigs all the time. One of them is usually suspended 4 out of 7 days a week and my search ranking has never dropped after reinstating a gig. As a matter of fact, it’s when I alter a gig in any way it drops in rankings. Then, it either climbs back to where it was or keeps falling. Odd, I know. But I know this is the case because I’ve tested it time and again over the last year. Plus, like I said earlier, I suspend all the time and never loose my place after I re-activate it. Sometimes, randomly my gigs drop in search with nothing to do with suspending them. So far they’ve always come back up though. I think it has to do with people adding new gigs. (I could be wrong, and I also use the ‘By Rating’ search so maybe that’s why.)


Reply to @insplisity: I don’t like telling buyers to order the gig after a certain date, because they will never be back. If they want what you are selling right now, they will always find someone else on Fiverr who offers almost the same product you do.

I think a better way to handle a specific date is temporarily make your delivery day number reach that date.


Reply to @mintyone: Maybe I’ll start using what I said before in description of my Gig ( “Please order after January 5th” or something like that).

But if changing Gig’s description really affects ranking, I’m not sure which is better. :slight_smile: Will have to test it out…


Please keep in mind… I could just be crazy and totally wrong. LOL. I’m just saying that for me… this has always been the results.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Experience matters, and if this is your experience, it must have at least some validity to it. :slight_smile: I’ll try to conduct such a test myself. You only use a keyword to find your Gig and it’s ranking?


That’s where it may be a little different. I always search using the ‘Top Rated’ filter.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Will do that, thanks.


I suspend my gigs when I decide if I should keep them or not. It’s a temporary thing usually.

bigbadbilly said: That's where it may be a little different. I always search using the 'Top Rated' filter.

Hey, that's not fair to the sellers who are 1st and 2nd level sellers :(


I try hard not to. In the past 2 years, I have suspended my gigs once when I was out of the country for a month. There’s rarely a time where I can’t increase the delivery time, and make a note on my profile plus gigs stating that I will have limited computer access.

Suspending gigs does seem to have some effect on gig visibility once activated again. Plus, you’re missing out on orders and gig likes.


Reply to @mintyone: So you are saying that you tell your potential buyers that you will have limited access? Is that a way to reduce sales while you are gone?


The goal is to increase sales, never limit them. The limited access statement is to aid in communicating with buyers, in case they may need something sooner they can find someone else. It will also explain why I may not answer a question as quickly.


Reply to @hotwebideas: True. Maybe extending delivery time is the best option to start with.


Reply to @mintyone: Good answers.


Reply to @mintyone: There are many times when buyers just order the Gig before contacting me. Maybe I’ll ad “Please contact me first” to my Gig’s description.

So, extending delivery date and “Contact me first” seems a very good alternative to suspending the Gig.


For me, the “contact me first” statement never worked. It’s just like anything else in the gig description. Some buyers don’t read a line of it and will just order anyway. Plus, this is a barrier to order. A buyer thinks “wow, it takes a lot to just make an order…I think I’ll buy elsewhere.” Rather than seeing that you’re away and things will take a bit longer than usual.

In my case when I was out of the country, I wouldn’t have computer access for days and I couldn’t respond if I told buyers to contact me first.


Reply to @mintyone: Good to know, thanks.