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Do you ever turn down buyers?

Do you ever turn down buyers that you believe are going to cause you trouble or be more trouble than they are worth? I can sense when a buyer is going to request countless revisions, never accept the work, or really be a pain. I’ve gotten good at identifying these buyers and it has helped bring down cancellation rate. Anyone else have the same experience?


Awesome! Yes, I turn down a lot! From difficult entitled people to scammers to people who are asking for things that don’t make sense and can’t possibly work.

I have a list of indicators I refer to in determining if a buyer is going to be decent to work with.


Yes. After three years of working on Fiverr, I have learned not to be excited over every prospective buyer contact. I am much warier and ask more questions before I will send an offer. Plus, I am not afraid to cancel an order if I feel it will be in my best interest.