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Do you ever use anything to help give a custom offer?

If someone asks if you can do a particular job and wants a quote (and it’s something you can do) or you see a buyer request you want to send an offer to it, do you ever use anything to help you determine things like price and delivery time?

eg. different things could affect the price of a job and different things could affect the number of days delivery (including the complexity/how time consuming the job being asked is, what other Fiverr orders you have, non-Fiverr things).

Is there anything you ever use for things like this, or do you do it only based on a best guess and/or the pricing/delivery times specified in the gig/gig packages or do you ever use some sort of software/app or anything? Maybe a fuller price list/delivery times matrix/table for more specific tasks than is listed on gigs/gigs packages?


i didnt understand totally what you’re refering to but here’s what i do : i fill all thoese those forms by guessing. most of the time buyers sends message to verify the delivery time and also the price. and you can also add additional services to a active order if buyers requires additional services.

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Thanks. I’m basically wondering if anyone uses anything else too like software to give a more accurate price & delivery time based on various factors like the complexity of the job/how time consuming it is etc, and if so what they use.

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i dont know about that. but i think it wont work most of the time. i mean sure they will send the offer fast but their offering price and delivery will be useless most of the time cause almost every buyers bargains over the price and also delivery time.

I typically have a “price per word” based on how long I believe it will take me to do the work. I effectively have three “levels” of pricing:

  • Straightforward / easy work, where I typically charge around 25c a word.
  • Moderately complex, specialized work, where I typically charge around 30c a word.
  • Very complex work like white papers, where I charge 40c a word.

It works very well, in fact, I am looking to increase my prices by between 10% and 20% across the board due to demand.

I just use a spreadsheet or calculator app to work out my pricing when I raise custom offers.


@paulmaplesden, Those prices are inspiring and give me an idea of what I can aim for over the horizon.

@uk1000 I deal with this question all of the time.

  1. Delivery Time: When I first started, I made my delivery time as fast as possible, since I only had one order at a time, no problem. Now I am incrementally increasing delivery time as demand increases. Which is still basically the same thing, as fast as possible, with enough cushion so that if I get another order while working I don’t freak out.

  2. Price: It is never certain to me how long a gig will take, but I do base some estimates based on experience how long it should take. I see you have much more experience on fiverr than I do, but I think the answer is similar for both of us. I price the job for as low as I’m willing to do it. Increasing by supply and demand. The busier I get, the price gets higher until I’m get closer to a reasonable wage.

It’s all about supply and demand.

The less demand I have the lower price I’m willing to accept and the faster I’m able to do the job.

The problem is that you can easily end up working a lot longer on a project than you originally estimated. The buyer doesn’t care about how long you work they only care about the finished product, haha. However, giving the buyer an idea of how long I spent on their order has led to recieving some tips :slight_smile:

p.s. I’ll recommend you aim some of your skills at some particular niches to get more attention. Maybe you have a particular industry you really enjoy doing the work for most, or who seems to need your services more often.


The problem is that you can easily end up working a lot longer on a project than you originally estimated. The buyer doesn’t care about how long you work they only care about the finished product,

Though the no. of days specified in the custom offer needs to be no more than it will take to do exactly what the users requirements are (plus any other orders/work) to ensure the order won’t be late/or time extension asked for.

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When I was setting my prices, I completed a “Time and Motion” study to see how long it took me to complete work. I use an app called Toggl that automatically logs all my time entries into a Google spreadsheet. I can then cross-reference those time entries with how much I charged, so I can get a rate per hour for my work. That allowed me to tweak prices accordingly.

I still record all of my timings so that I can ensure I am still earning appropriate amounts per hour, even though all my work is fixed-price and project-based. If you want to know about time and motion studies, I strongly recommend Googling them - it can make a real difference to how you understand, value, and price your work.