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Do you experience slow seasons on Fiverr

I am a new seller here on Fiverr, before coming on the platform I was under the impression that when you come on the site you would be lauded by orders immediately. So to my experienced Fiverr sellers do you experience slow seasons and if yes how do you handle it?

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Any business has its ups and downs. Freelance work is no different. I’ve been here for over four years, and yes, in that time, there have been slow times, and there have been busy times. Those times aren’t going to be the same for everyone. They come and they go based on a wide variety of factors.

How do I deal with the slow times? Simple. I use the time to find ways to improve and grow my business, by expanding or modifying my services to fit the needs of my clients. You can’t control who places an order, or when they choose to do so, but you can control how your services are perceived by your customers, and you can control how you connect to those customers and encourage them to hire you.

Being a freelancer is not easy, nor is it supposed to be. You just have to keep working at it – and working smartly and efficiently. No one deserves success or constant sales, but we can all do what we need to do to make those things more likely to happen.


Yes I am now realizing it is harder than I thought but just have to put in the work like anything else you want to be successful at.


To put things into perspective, there are a lot of level 2 and TRS sellers who had struggled when they started their Fiverr journey. Some of them only got their first order 2 months into their Fiverr journeys.

You should consider yourself fortunate to have already gotten at least 5 orders within the 1-2 months you’ve been here on Fiverr. Keep giving excellent service to your customers and also act on jonbaas’ advice/suggestions and soon enough, I am sure you will taste greater success.


Yeah, thanks for the encouragement!