Do you experiencing less of works these days?


I am a successful (I believe so) seller since few months and there is a downward gap in December 2018 than other months of receiving works and inquiries. Anyone know any reason for that? Is there anyone who experience the same thing?


I am facing same problem. As a new seller I have not idea about last December.


December is usually the slowest month, a lot of people are going on vacation.


December is always a slow month for me too.

People are more worried with holidays and vacations at this time. And as far as I understand, companies are also prepared for holidays since before Thanksgiving date.

I believe at this time PRODUCTS sales raises, while SERVICES sales drops.


Well, it’s a Christmas period and sales for services always dropping down in December but I do think that this year it’s more dead than usually


My gigs were on the first page of best selling and moved to second page :confused: I’m sad


me too , last month was so far good but this month man :persevere:


I noticed the same thing. There has been a general drop in sales rate and impressions since the very beginning of December. It must be due to the fact that we’re in holiday’s season. The only way out to this is to have loyal buyers who will buy from you no matter the season.
And, to have loyal buyers, you have to provide the best services to the current ones working with you!


You are not alone, after a long time my gig is now my one gig is 2nd and other is 3rd page.


Don’t worry! It will recover from upcoming new year! Hope for the best…