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Do you factor modification time into your delivery time?

I’m 33 days young on Fiverr so I’m still learning the ropes. I quickly learned to include one extra day in my turnaround rate (so if I know a doc will take me 2 days, I offer 3 days just in case). I REALLY think it would be good if Fiverr gave an extra 24 hours for delivery that was activated if a modification was requested, but since they don’t, I have to take the risk of Buyers not liking my standard delivery times since I have to build in an extra day.

Do you all also build in an extra day in your delivery times?

Its always a good idea to factor in extra time. Personally i have factored in time for possible sick days, emergencies, hardware failures etc based on past experiences.

Basically when i can do a job in 1 day i quote 7 days.

Yes you will make allot less sales as people often want things done fast but your repeat clients will appreciate that they can depend on getting their orders within the quoted deadline.

(i wouldn’t know what the order page looks like when an order goes late if it wasn’t for screenshots posted on the forums )