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Do you feel you were unfairly demoted?

Since there are many sellers who were demoted due to things beyond their control, or at least it feels that way, I thought I would start a place where this can be discussed. I’m curious to see why people feel they were unjustly demoted.


What I am confused about is it says I was demoted to Level 2, but I’ve always been Level 2. Is this a glitch? I have all green stats so I know it’s nothing on my end. Haha but it’s odd right? Were you demoted?!


Yes that is a glitch that a lot of people reported.


Exactly. Wondering the same thing. Seems like they need to edit their notification script.

At least that glitch seems harmless. It’s been reported, though.


i’ve been demoted to level 1 because my client lately replied to my time extension request that happened 2 or three times and when contacted customer support they replied by automated message “Based on your recent activity, your account no longer meets the requirements for Level 2 status.”

feels like fiverr destroying my efforts and saying go away


Sorry this happened to you! I do understand how frustrating this must be.

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I haven’t been demoted but if the St Level’s Day had been on the 15th december I would have lost my level 2.

I have had 3 cancellations from the same buyer. His explanation : “I ordered by mistakes”.
Result : 3 cancellations.
Not my fault…

I sent a milestones offer to a client for a work on 12 products. I did the Milestone 1 for 12 products. And he realised that he needed Milestone 2 for only 11 products.
So I asked him to stop milestone 2 (it’s written in Fiverr help center that we can stop the order after each milestone). But my client told me that there is no way to stop it.
So, we both asked CS to stop milestone 2 for us.
I sent a new offer for 11 products to my client and he accepted it before CS cancel the 1st order (I thought he would wait !).
Result : CS cancelled the 1st order instead of stopping the milestone. One cancellation !


Nope. I mistimed a couple of orders, so totally my fault I got demoted.


Just being demoted to basic level :slight_smile:

Struggled to keep up my response rate due to my day job required me to travel to out-of-range site for more than 24 hours for few days on each month.

Isn’t fiverr supposed to be “our own business” which we decide how should we run this business. Now it seems not the case anymore.


Fiverr is a website where you can host your freelance services. Just like any website you use or work on, you are 100% bound by the rules established by that site/business. If you choose to host your services on Fiverr, it is your responsibility to conduct “your business” according to Fiverr’s rules. It has always been this way… and it will continue to be this way as long as Fiverr exists.


I was not unfairly demoted, but the bug with the disappearing orders affected my delivery time a lot, and it all went downwards. I have gotten a lot of cancellations, and late orders because of the same bug. Now, working out to get back my stats to 90%. :slight_smile:


Oh yes. That dreadful bug.

My late deliveries for the past 3 months were all due to that pesky ol’ bug.

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Iv’e been unfairly demoted.I had an order cancellation of 89 percent instead of the 90 which was required just because of two sellers who ordered my gig without contacting me first where in my bid it was clearly written that they should contact me first before ordering,their order was cancelled immediately.I contacted customer support after those two cancellations and was told by the customer support that these cancellations won’t affect me negatively in any way.

Now after these affirmations my account was demoted after the 15th jan evaluation. Fiverr does not hold any ethical right to demote my account on the basis of mistakes made by sellers and after assuring me that those mistakes won’t cost me.

Iv’e contacted the customer support but they won’t reply appropriately to my request,instead they are just sending me pre-written messages and aren’t even reading my request.This is outright injustice.


I’m so sorry this happened to you!

I suggest that all sellers find a way to go ahead and work with buyers who do this. You simply cannot depend on any buyer to contact you first.

This is the consequences. Buyers don’t always read gig descriptions.
I understand why you want them to do it but the point is that they don’t.


You were NOT unfairly demoted. Fiverr’s new seller levels system requires that you have a 90% cancellation rate or higher – you had 89%. Therefore, you did not meet the requirements to retain your seller level.

Well, then, that 89% cancellation rate is entirely your fault, because YOU cancelled those two orders of your own choosing.

You cannot force buyers to contact you before placing orders – that’s not how Fiverr is set up. Fiverr is a retail services website. Gigs are designed to allow customers to select a package from your gig, and purchase your services automatically. Everything a seller should need in order to hire you should be available within at least one of those packages. YOU required those sellers to do something gigs are not set up for, and the buyers chose to purchase from you as Fiverr intended. You CHOSE to cancel their orders because they ordered as gigs intend.

I’m sorry that you lost your seller level, but, in this case, YOU are the reason why you had an 89% cancellation rating. YOU and YOU alone.

Yes they do. This is their website, and their rules.

Perhaps you misunderstand the actual meaning of "justice’. Were you on trial for a crime? Were you legally wronged, and seeking physical or emotional compensation?

Please don’t use words incorrectly to try and make your point.


My order cancellations weren’t from my gig but were from buyer requests.A lot of buyer requests aren’t complete,some have missing budgets,some have missing information regarding the project and to put a price or turnaround time on them is impossible until you get to know more about the project.

Secondly,they do not hold an ethical right to demote me. Ofcourse they do have the right to demote me because this is their website,but you missed the most important word here,‘ethical’.This is not ‘ethical’ due to the fact that i was provided with a written assurance that those cancelled orders wouldn’t affect me in any way negatively and that i was demoted due to things which were not in my control.


It is somewhat understandable that this is very fresh and not everyone handles it in the same way. I think misscrystal had a good thought in creating a side thread for this type of venting, so a few posts have been moved here for discussion.


Understood. My apologies for any commentary posted in the wrong place. I appreciate your efforts to keep the forum organized with all these varied discussions. :slight_smile:


No problem. It’s also a tough time for many and my first response is sometimes less than compassionate because of my own coping mechanisms! I wanted to add a reminder for all of us that the forum is here for discussion, so let’s keep discussing. :slight_smile:

If anyone needs a distracting meme (Jon - I know you love memes) you can go here. The thread probably will not help, but puppies had already been done. :slight_smile: