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Do you feel you were unfairly demoted?

They already do! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually they have a tick box that the buyers can use to confirm they sent us the correct info.

It’s not a tick box for the buyers to actually confirm they read our description/understand what’s on offer.


@offlinehelpers This is problem… Buyers must accept the conditions in the gig…and the check mark box has to be especific not only the right information.

Whatever was in the text beside the check box, it won’t make any difference - if they order by mistake and want to cancel, or want revisions which you don’t even offer. To be honest, it may as well not be there for the good it does! :rofl:


I recall at least one person (:dog2:) used it with a client and got additional money. :slight_smile:


I recently had a client try to change the order as it was being worked on, and kept messaging me to change things around, and I told him it was against the rules to do this and the client backed down, so I think it helps.

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The other issue is that you can’t really cancel 10% of your orders because you might get a certain amount of cancellations you have no control over.

For the 60-day period ending on 2/14 I will have at least 3, and after today probably 4, cancelations that are outside of my control. Today someone ordered my gig titled “I will write you an e-mail that sells” and is upset because the gig isn’t sending it out to some massive list. The gig description couldn’t be more clear about what the gig is and isn’t. If people ordering by mistake and chargebacks didn’t affect our rate, my completion rate would be over 95%. but, right now its at 89%.

Simply not giving refunds doesn’t always mean your completion percentage won’t take a dive.

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You misunderstand me. I was talking about the power of $5 in each country. In Venezuela, $5 is a lot of money so if someone wants to work for $5, I can understand that. $5 is also a great price when your gig is new and you need reviews. Later on, it makes sense to charge more. $10, $20, $50, whatever the market will bear.

The most important thing is to get orders. If nobody orders, change your pricing. If nobody orders afterwards, fix your gig description, and if nothing you do makes you get orders, then delete the gig. Some gigs won’t make money, I think every seller has had one or two gigs that failed.

Exactly! How can the system be fair if it punishes us for things we can’t control? The other day a seller messaged me, “I want you to record my radio script and mix music.” I immediately hit the decline order button. Then he messaged, apologized for not reading my gig well. No harm was done, he didn’t order, but if he had ordered, I wouldn’t have been able to do that job.

Fiverr needs to lower the standards. Maybe 80-85% instead of 90%, 4.5 or 4.0 instead of 4.8, and no punishment for buyer-initiated refunds and ordered by mistake. Losing money is punishment enough!


I don’t know… I was respond message very fast for long period but the rate is stuck and sometime get more lower. Clueless…

Other statistic is function very well and great.

I was Top Rate Seller, currently is demoted to level 2 and I afraid will go to level 1 because of technical respond message. Help me.

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Some of the buyers are very strange, they do what ever, and there is not penalty. So here is not protection for the sellers.


Fiverr is great, but some of the buyers are scammers, and you can’t do anything about it. … You just working with not rights.

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Yes, I agree. They have a checkbox where they confirm they provided the correct instructions and any additional changes can lead to other charges.

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I don’t get a lot of messages so only one message answered “too late” while I was sick got me demoted… which also means that it will take an eternity to get the requirements to an acceptable level. There should be a way to account for low volume profiles.



Or, say, to change the statistics page so you can review your 60-day performance. Why change the rating system when you can just allow more filters of the stats that are already there?

Looks like the easiest bit to do to me too, but many people wrote they’d like a longer evaluation period to better make up for a temporary bad phase with low orders, longer vacation, etc., so I guess changing to 3 months would meet more people’s objections than adding a 60 day line to the drop-down.


Problem in Fiverr Algorithm I think. :wink:

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I think the main issue with trying to work with these people instead of canceling, is that unfortunately, sometimes they place orders for a service that we don’t provide at all, so it’s not one we can work with them on :frowning: my numbers went from slightly under 100% delivery to now 89% because of ONE cancellation… where I had to cancel because the person placed an order asking me to make them an instrumental, something I have no way to do. They had no want or need for a singer, yet for some reason placed an order with one LOL! I state explicitly on my gig that I DO NOT make instrumentals or do any kind of music production, that I ONLY sing, but without fail at least once or twice a month, someone comes barking up my tree asking for one.


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