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Do you feel you were unfairly demoted?


So unhappy with this new rating system. Just got demoted to Level One after 2 years of being Level Two with a 4.9 rating. Despite having a no refund policy, and a “contact me before ordering” policy, I’ve been allowing buyers to cancel orders when they contact me first and I can’t do the work for them (I provide genealogy research services). So it was a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” situation - risk being demoted by allowing refunds to customers who refuse to read my very clear instructions to contact me first, or don’t give a refund because I invested my time to research but turned up no results, and risk a bad review…I feel like I’ve been very good to my customers on Fiverr and I got punished for it. Thanks for listening - I just needed to vent but I’m really unhappy and I hope the people at Fiverr are reading these boards.


I’m so sorry Mary. I have done geneology research on my own ancestors and know you can hit brick walls in the record.

Some types of work such as that are sometimes difficult since you never know what you will or won’t find, and you are depending on your clients completely to give you what information they may or may not have.

I think that in some cases like yours, depending on the type of gig, there should be leeway in cancelling orders when you might be unable to deliver anything after doing the research, or finding nothing.


Appreciate your comment, Crystal! And threads like these let me know I’m not alone, that there’s a lot of us in the same boat, which makes me feel kind of better - I just feel like there is such a wide range of businesses on Fiverr and we’re all being judged on the same parameters. It’s just disappointing to feel like you’ve worked so hard for so long to maintain a high rating and high standards and you have nothing to show for it, y’know? But thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: (and good luck on your genealogy brick walls :wink: - they’re the worst!!!)



This news system is total BS! I woke up yesterday to get an email from Fiverr telling me that “due to recent activity I have been stripped of my level 2 ranking and demoted to level 1 and I’ll be reevaluated on February 15”. I contacted CS and learned that there was a new policy update that I never knew about. If there was an email sent out it never ended up in my inbox. There it was explained that there will be new standards and seller will be evaluated every 30-60 days to see if they meet these standards. You have to have a 4.8 rating, 90% response rate, 90% deliver on time rate, no cancellations, and deliver 20 orders in that time period.

Here’s the problem with all of this.

1. Deliver 20 orders. Does anyone even get that many anymore? Some might, but my orders have dramatically decreased since Fiverr instituted their processing fee and I’ve never been able to get them back up. Plus, I provide formatting services. The majority of my clients have decided to learn how to format on their own instead of asking me to do it as a way to save $$. Either way, business has been slow. I’m lucky if I get 1 or 2 in a month. I also have been forced to turn potential problematic buyers away and have chosen to be more choosy so as to avoid disputes. A lot of people want me to do what amounts to $500-$600 worth of work for $5. I’m not doing that. Now, just to keep Fiverr happy, I will have to take every order that comes my way just, which means doing hours of work for a measly $3.20. That’s all that’s left after Fiverr and PP takes their cut. And since I have to do more work, whether I want to or not, I’m not going to bother providing top quality service, especially for pennies. I have always busted my butt to make my clients happy, which sometimes means refusing orders that I know I can’t complete, or will take my time away from the orders I already have. But to keep Fiverr happy, I will have to take every order I get and deliver within days, which means giving subpar service, or not sleeping. Of course, sine I don’t even get 5 order in a month, I’m screwed anyway.

2. The response rate is fickle. I usually try to respond within 24 hours, but sometimes I’m away from home for a few days, or a message comes in at 2 or 3 in the morning. I have noticed that if you don’t respond within 2 or 3 hours, then Fiverr lowers your response rating. You also do not have the option of not responding to a person at all because that will hurt your response rating. SO, now you have to be glued to your computer and respond to everyone whether you want to or not just to keep your 90% rating.

3. The delivery. I always seem to get the buyers who refuse to accept deliveries, or love hitting the request modification button as a way of messaging me instead of using Fiverr’s messaging system, despite my requests that they don’t do that. I have also had buyers who hit the request modification button, but provide no information on what they want. By the time they do, I have a late delivery as far as Fiverr is concerned. All of this hurts your delivery rating which must be at 90% at all times. The other problem is, you can hit the deliver button 2 hours before the delivery time, but if the buyer requests a modification, you have 2 hours to provide it. By the time I get the message for a revision, four hours can have passed, so I end up with a “You’re late” warning. Either way, you as a seller are screwed because all a buyer has to do is keep hitting “request modification” to hurt your ratings.

4. Cancellations. I forget the exact number that demotes you, but I know if you have more than 10 in a short time period, Fiverr sends you a warning. Well, now it will be easier for buyers to get revenge on a seller they don’t like. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have completed an order for a buyer who told me it was perfect, only to have the same buyer request a refund moments after delivery. There are two that stand out. One, before the Fiverr started adding a watermark to files until acceptance of an order, was from a woman who was never happy with anything I did. I had formatted her book and cover, but the cover she refused to accept. I finally put my foot down and told her that since I did format her interior file, then I should be allowed to keep x amount for the work I did but can refund Y amount for the covers that she refuses t accept. Next thing I know I got a refund request for the whole thing. I told her no and refused the request. I had already poured in 2 weeks worth of work for $1500 worth of work. I tried to explain to CS what was going on, but they told me to deliver the work. I did. Two days later, CS told me that they had given this person a full refund. I looked up her book and guess what? She used my formatted files. She basically got free stuff and I had wasted time on her and had nothing to show for it.

The second instance was a guy who wanted me to format an ebook. I had done exactly as he had asked Within an hour of me delivering the file, he requested a refund. I asked him why. He said for failure to do the work. I asked him what the problem was specifically because I had done as he asked. He didn’t like the table of contents. I tried to explain to him that a TOC in an ebook is different from a paperback and show him with a video that I had done as he asked, so I refused his request. That night, I get an email from CS asking me to respond to my buyer. I explained to them that I had done as we had agreed upon. He had a formatted file that he could use. I used images and video to prove that I had done as asked and the guy was simply trying to get something for free. CS responded that I should come to an agreement with the buyer. I responded that I had tried to explain to the buyer that he was concerned about nothing and used images to demonstrated what was happening. The next day CS responded “Due to your failure to meet your buyer’s needs, we have issued a full refund and placed limits on your account. We hope in the future you will uphold Fiverr’s standards by demonstrating quality customer service.”

What about the fact that I had done all that and the guy just wanted something for free?! I got ripped off and Fiverr didn’t care. These 2 refunds that CS decided to award the buyers, got added to my list of cancellations. So, all a buyer has to do is contact CS, tell them you as a seller re a jerk and won’t do as they want, and they’ll not only get a refund, but your number of cancellations will go up, which will hurt your ranking and cause you to get demoted under this new system.

Then add all the buyers who mistakenly buy your gig and send a cancellation request. If you accept, you risk being demoted because you have another cancellation added to the pile.

5. Have a 4.8 rating. I would like to know how Fiverr does their rating system. I have maybe 10 negative reviews and over 500 positive. But somehow I have a 4.6 rating. That makes no sense. In the last three months all of my reviews, except 1, have been positive. So 1 person left me a nasty rating because she got angry that I refused to do more than the agreed upon 2 revisions and I got demoted. So, this is what you can look forward to. One bad review in their 30-60 period will get you demoted. Have fun keeping your Top Seller status.

What does this new system mean?

It means that Fiverr doesn’t have your back. They never have and never will. You are screwed either way. You will get demoted. Even those who are happy about this change are going to lose their status. I have spent over five years building a reputation on Fiverr, and working hard to have a sustainable business, while trying to attract new clients. This new system has thrown all that in the garbage. I lost my level 2 status because of one angry buyer, which has made the last five years of my hard work meaningless. In a month’s time I will lose the Level 1 status and have no status at all, which will make my over 500 positive reviews pointless. Buyers want sellers that are considered top rated.

Fiver has screwed their sellers over with this, but it will also affect the buyer in a bad way. I think Fiverr has shot themselves in the foot with this “new and improved” policy, which is probably a good thing. It’s about time the greedy sobs in charge of Fiverr learn what it’s like to lose everything because someone else decided that you don’t deserve to be reward for your hard work.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m more than just not happy about this policy. I am still waiting for earnings to clear. Once they do, I’m withdrawing them, and leaving. At this point, I have decided to shut down my gigs, which means my recurring clients will be left without a service provider.

Hope Fiverr is happy.


That’s it. Keep defending this policy. I’m sure you’ll love it until you get demoted. Fiverr can do what they want, but that doesn’t make their new policy right or fair.


I will. Thank you for your permission. :wink:

As a matter of fact, I DID get demoted – I was a Level 2 seller, now I am Level 1. But I have no reason to complain. I can always get promoted back up to Level 2 again in February.

The same is true for anyone else who was demoted.

Says you. This was a blanket policy/rules change. it affected everyone equally. Fiverr Ambassadors, super sellers, even a seller who was reported to have made $1 million here on Fiverr – many of them were demoted too.


Perhaps,you’ve been on fiverr for too long and have developed an emotional stake in it and therefore are unable to differentiate the right from wrong.Whoever speaks against this policy,you start bashing them and present them with aggressive responses.Your responses never address the topic which is being discussed,they are just aggressive,uninformed and baseless responses.

This policy does effect different sellers in different ways,if you just think about other sellers who are providing different services and have been on fiverr for different times,this policy effects them in different ways.The cancellation rates and the ratings differ by the service which is being provided.Also,this will effect a new seller and an old seller in different ways.A new seller like me gets most if not all of his orders from buyer requests and is only the way for me improving my gig ranking once you fall from level 1 to level 0,you basically stop getting buyer requests.An old seller can still cope with a demotion as he has already built up a customer base and has a good gig ranking.Here have a look at the buyer requests or should i say ‘buyer request’ that i am seeing right now:


that´s right, apparently disagree about it for someones is a bad thing… This new system just looks like Fiverr wants to become my boss…


We all have a right to our differing opinions and ways of reacting to this.

Let’s keep it friendly. Thank you.


Really? Because I’ve been a successful seller on Fiverr for so long, I can no longer tell right from wrong? That’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard. Yes, of course I am invested in my work. Aren’t you?

I’m sorry to hear that you see things this way. This is, however, merely your opinion. I’m sure there are plenty of other users on this forum, like me, who do not agree with you. Just because you see things a certain way, does not mean that they are true.

Like I keep saying over, and over again on the forums, if you aren’t earning the level of sales that you want from the BR section, then get out into the world and market and promote your gigs. The world is full of potential customers. Why are you refusing to go find them?

Every business markets and promotes their services to the target customers that need those services the most. Why aren’t you doing this as well?


That´s exactly the same problem… I was demoted to “no level”… and they want to evaluate us in one month, avoiding the access to more than 3 buyer request, and I ask How less work for us is not a punish?


I’m so sorry to hear about the demotion mcheary! You can be back where you were in the coming months.


Exactly… He responds aggressive and offering no answer


Well that’s just how he feels about it. Try not to take it personally.
Everyone is different and I know you feel bad about what happened.
That’s why I started this thread, so people can tell how they feel.


I am sure that I will but tell me something how less buyers request… is not a punish? How this a logical way to achieve a rise in the level system??


I don’t know why they chose to do this. I know it makes it harder to get orders.


That´s exactly that I observed…


Iv’e got nothing against you,i was just pointing out the way that you replied to me on my previous post where it was evidently seen that you were being bashful and aggressive picking out the line ‘this is outright injustice’ which was just an expression and trying to make fun of it.No hard feelings.


We are all a bit sensitive right now over all this so hopefully in the coming days we can all figure out what the next steps are to climb back to where we were.