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Do you find it fair


Do you find it fair that a customer can leave a review up to 30 days after delivery (even after the fund are cleared) but a seller can not request feedback modification via “Resolution Center” if this review was posted after the funds were cleared?

Mind-boggling, if you ask me.


Fiverr seems slanted towards the buyers at the moment, that’s for sure. I think we (sellers) just have to grin and bear it!


True. But seems to me that this policy will backlash sooner or later.


There is a balance needed. There are some truly terrible sellers on here, and buyers need protecting from them. This is more important to Fiverr’s reputation.


@homeestates Its not fair at all. Also, I don’t like that we have to wait for 15 days for clearing of the funds.


Well, there are many terrible buyers too and I don’t see Fiverr slanting towards sellers as a result.

There will always be terrible sellers and terrible buyers. On Fiverr and elsewhere. Does it mean even great sellers (which are a majority, I hope) should suffer? I beg to differ.


Actually there are more terrible sellers, who make so much effort to scheme buyers and buyers surely need protection from that kind of fake sellers, after all, clients need to have assurances for what they are buying, and yes sellers might feel neglected and as said a bit more balance might be needed, but the truth remains that there are terrible, terrible sellers who have no ethics and trying to sell air and hope to make money of it. I suggest you keep doing your best in satisfying your customers and build long term relationship with them, so far the system seems to be working fine for both sellers and buyers. I know there might be painful buyers which by the way in my case I find them to be also sellers who somehow managed to secure a gig which they have no skills for and pass it to legit sellers and harass them to death to get the best of them for cheap and benefit in between, and that my friend unfortunately part of world economy. :slight_smile: Do your best, I am sure you will be just fine.


you are right sometimes it happens, Well we can request for this feature to Fiverr team.


Terrible buyers are a problem for the seller community. Terrible sellers are a problem for Fiverr’s reputation. If they slant towards sellers, and the poor ones take advantage, then they lose credibility and clicks. We all lose out.


I am not necessarily supportive of the 30 day delivery timeframe, however, why should it be an issue?

What’s the difference between having the ability to leave feedback within 2 days or 30 days?


Here’s a scenario that happened to me. Buyer comes 29 days after delivery and leaves a three-star review. Of course, I ask her about it since we did not have any issue with the order. She says it was a mistake and she wants to correct it. So naturally, I’m off to the Resolution Center to send her feedback modification request.

Tough luck. No way to send it. I contact customer support only to find out that buyers can leave review up to 30 days after delivery but sellers can request modification only until funds are cleared. So I tell them that if a buyer can leave review up to 30 days it’s only normal that a seller can exercise his right to send feedback modification request up to 30 days too.

They gave me a warning. :roll_eyes::upside_down_face:


You should have taken a screenshot of this conversation to show customer support.

Be careful how you word it when you ask a buyer about a review.
Say “did you mean to leave a 3 star review?”

Say no more than that and when they say no they made a mistake you can take a screenshot of that and send it to customer support. I can’t promise what they will do but that is a good way to handle it if you are over the 3 day time limit to request a change.


Thanks for your input. It’s really appreciated.

However, I was not over 3 days limit to request a change. It was just several hours since my customer posted her feedback.

It’s simply not possible to request a change after the funds are cleared.