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Do You Fulfill This Type of Request Just Because You Want More Sales?

This is what a supposed buyer asked me to do before he can purchase my gig.

i cant make order for just test, i have liste of 5000 profil name, but fist i should be sure that u can find the right info
send me example for those profil if is possible:

Othman El Khammali
abdelali Ait ouahman
lesley shipley
Jacob Elsworth

Of course, i don’t fall for such cheap trap because most of them can’t even afford $5 for basic gig. I am pretty sure this buyer is asking other sellers to do the same. Would you fulfill this request just to get the work?

Always show samples for free.

I’d be really tempted to contact Lesley and Jacob and let them be known that someone is using them as a cheap internet test. Then I’d do the test, get the buyer’s details and share them with the profilers and watch the shitstorm.

It’s really funny in my imagination. Probably won’t work so smoothly in reality. Anyway, don’t do work for free. This guy might be going around all the bidding sites and getting people to do “sample profiling” 5 at a time for the grand prix of $0. Also, his English is hilariously bad. He wants to fist!

LMFAOL! You definitely would spend more time contacting Lesley and Jacob than fulfilling his wish. I decided to share this because new sellers would fall for it and end up working for nothing. I still don’t understand why a supposed buyer would want a custom sample for free.

Would you believe that there are actually e-books and webpages out there which give step-by-step instructions about how to rip off freelancers?

Sad, but true.

The gambit of asking for “free custom samples” from several – or even hundreds – of freelancers, with a view to getting the whole job done for free, is an old standby. It’s been in use for years, for everything from the kind of online research you were asked for to blog posts and articles to populate websites to modules of academic courses.

No to free work. We have a place to showcase samples and reviews if they’re really interested.

This happened to me for 3/4 time. The buyer asked for a sample of his work and I gladly offered him within 2/3 hours of the complete work. After getting no response though he/she promised to place order. Henceforth, I do not offer such drat.

I do tell my clients that they are 100% covered. I don’t have enough time to waste providing free custom samples. True buyers will not ask for free custom samples whatsoever. Glad you’ve learnt a lesson.

Yes its also helpful discussion for me, Thanks

Good to hear that.

If somebody contacts me in poor English like this I reply that I will not work for them because it would be impossible to have a successful communication and therefore a smooth transaction. I don’t even read any further.

I think it would be too harsh to tell a supposed buyer that his/her communication is bad.

I usually message them that I don’t think we are a good fit in order to do business together.
Anyway, I’m honest and sometimes it is harsh. I actually don’t care (<- ohhh, that’s harsh already).
Those who work with me are very pleased by my no-nonsense approach.

I can, however, imagine that one who is desperate for sales would close the deal even though the initial communication already has all the signs of trouble in it.

Unbelievable, maybe that is why lately I’ve been asking for samples.

Wow, that is extremely depressing…

It is really a bad thing to rip off hardworking people. some of us spend hours just to get things done the right way. They (rip off) are many on this site. Some of them have multiple accounts used in requesting for gig.