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Do you get messages of people wanting you to click google drive links?

I have received messages of people claiming they have their orders a.k.a what they want me to do on their google drive “fully explained”. I immediately think of it as a scam or something so I deny them. I want to hear about your experience with these people.


Yeah, you are usually right to ignore them.

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May be you do right thing :heart_eyes:

I hope so, you do the right work @thelamefox99

Got plenty of them. With the most recent one, a week ago. Never use your login credentials by accessing those links.

I never click links that people send me. I just say no thank you, I don’t provide this service. (Be a victim of a scammer or phisher.)

Depends what kind of service you provide. If having the details in Drive makes sense then you can always copy the URL, open a new browser in incognito mode and open the link there. NEVER CLICK THE LINK IN THE MESSAGE YOU GET EVEN IF YOU KNOW THE URL. Never trust any URL, better safe than sorry. And if you don’t offer something that needs details in Drive then just tell them you can’t take the job and if you are sure of the scam, please report the profile too so we can make this place a safe platform for everyone.

And to answer your question, yes I do get such messages too. I even got a PDF which had embedded phishing links in there. Its important to pay attention and be cautious. Good luck!