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Do you get more gigs when you reach Level 2?

Hey Fiverr friends. I’m about to reach Level 2, and I was curious to know from your experience, do you start seeing more new business and more traffic on your gigs when you reach level 2 or does it all stay the same?

I know Fiverr mentions all of the real benefits here, but my questions is that are there any ranking benefits that would result in more traffic and more sales?

Thank you, friends!


@vprovsky yes you can create more new GIG, new seller 7 GIG and level one 11 GIG, level two maybe more then 15

Thank you! I was actually asking about the traffic and views. Will a Level 2 get ranked higher on the search results versus a Level 1? Do sellers experience a higher number sales when they reached Level 2 due to ranking which brings in more traffic?

yes i know because I am allowed active Fiverr forum you can get more traffic

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thank you for your quick replies!

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Some might get more traffic and some people experience even less traffic m. It’s all personal and purely depend on your performance and fiverr algorithm. No one can promise you that your impressions or views will be higher.

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That is very interesting. I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out. Thank you for your response @mariashtelle1!

You mean more orders, not more gigs.

You may, yes, especially if your audience filters results to Level 2 Sellers. But there’s no general rule.

Yes, I meant more orders. Thank you for your response @humanissocial

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yes you can create more gigs and you will get more order on level 2