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Do you get orders? Please comment yes/no

Do you get orders in fiverr? Please comment your answer in small description.


No. No one does. It’s all l a big lie. After 3-weeks of trying to sell here, a van parks outside your house and they snatch you off the street and take you thousands of miles away to work in a broom handle factory.

If you ever try to escape, you get beaten with brooms.


Thanks for sharing your experience and valuable time for me.

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Just so you know, I wasn’t serious.

We do get orders. :wink:


Yes, I get many, many orders. Selling around $4,000 a month.


How much days you joined?

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I joined in June 2018. I also decline around $2000 per month… as I want to keep my standard high. So, after being here a while, you can maybe choose the work you take on.


This seems like a rather silly question, because orders are how all of us earn income on this site. So, yes, we all “get orders in Fiverr”.


To answer your question, yes.
Not everyday and I don’t make thousands of dollars every month, but it’s a nice side
income for sure.
In case you are wondering, I joined Fiverr 10 years ago.


Great. Surely you get more orders.

No . I am waiting for my first order for 12 days . I hope I will get my first order soon . I wish you a good luck and you will get many orders in near future.

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Thank you @rose_gresham

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no. I didn’t get any order.

Will get soon . Don’t worry

Yes, I do get orders. I joined fiverr in Feb 2020.

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What is the type of your gig if I may ask?

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Data entry. But i will create other gigs tomorrow.

Poster design, Flyers design , attractive youtube thumbnail design , web scrapping,social media promoting etc.


What is your gig? Can you help me . I will mail you.

You can’t contact anyone outside the fiverr, it’s against their policy. i would recommend you to go through the terms and condition to avoid any issue in future.

I’ve providing services related to programming languages, I’m a developer.

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Sure. I don’t against to fiverr.