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Do you get same result ? search on fiverr Bugs?


Hi Fiverr cs and my fellow members on this forum

i am getting this result when i search backlinks keyword on fiverr search
Only get 4 pages , before there was many pages that mean many gigs , i believe backlinks is most on of search keyword on fiverr , somehow now the site search result has change that may be a bug. cause this many seller lost sales … i think cs team will fix the issue asap , i have contacted them regarding this matter but not fix it yet so i am posting it here




pls check and update here if you get same result :kissing_heart:


SEO is not just backlinks. This is a correct result. Yes I got the same result and do not see any reason to think there is anything wrong.

I’m sure you do not think all SEO is for backlinks, or would include the keyword backlinks?

As you can see, there are many different types of SEO categories besides just backlinks.

And I’m sure you know that of all those SEO related gigs, not all of them have used the keyword “backlinks” in their gig? For example why would someone who writes SEO content use the word “backlinks” as a keyword?


this happen when i search backlinks instead of searching Backlinks .
when i search Backlinks (first letter capital ) i am getting right result . but if buyer searching backlinks that really loss many sales why there is different search results for same keyword :confused: