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Do you give a money back guarantee?


I’ve heard a lot of people saying how they’ve been ripped off from sellers on Fiverr so much so that they’ve decided to stay away! Their belief is that because they are only charging small amounts of money, they don’t put much effort in, don’t care and are here just to get as much money as they can for as little work as possible.

As far as i’m concerned, business is business no matter how little you charge. If it wasn’t for the people putting their trust in the sellers and buying their stuff, they wouldn’t have that extra income, so why wouldn’t the sellers want to treat them like gold?

Obviously, there is a limit as to how much work one does for $5 but still, the work that is done and the service that is provided for that price should be quality.

That brings me to my decision, after a bit of a rant [ :wink: ] to offer a money back guarantee on my new service - ebook cover design. As far as i’m concerned, if you’re not happy, why pay? Yeah ok, there may be some people who will take advantage just to get something for free but I believe most people are genuine and honest and won’t do that or is that my naivety [ :-/ ]

Anyway, do you offer money back guarantees and what has been your experience in doing so?


Some sellers do offer this however, I do not specifically state it, but it is implied that if the buyer is not happy they can cancel and receive a refund or I would work to make sure the product meets their satisfaction. I have not had to deal with either situation as of yet.

But for you to offer their money back you would have to initiate the cancellation, which brings us back to the fact that the buyer has this option regardless of whether you offer a money back guarantee or not.

Offering to refund shows the buyer you are aware of their needs and have taken an additional step, so from a PR standpoint it can’t hurt.

Good luck on whatever decison you make


Once a Seller delivers work, they Buyer then has to confirm it for it to be complete.

I haven’t bought anything on fiverr as of yet, but I presume they can just reject the delivered work if they don’t like it?


Oh I didn’t realise that, i’m still learning clearly!

My thinking is that although they can reject it, just mentioning the fact that I would give a refund is a way to let them see that I have no intention of ripping them off.

If they do reject it, so be it; wouldn’t be able to do anything about that. All I can do is my best :slight_smile:


@bachas85 - I can well imagine that there are people out there wanting something for nothing. Hopefully they are very few and far between. :slight_smile:


Some ppls just acting weird after we deliver source files! So NO and never


I used to think people wanting something for free was far and in between. Then they all started coming out of the woodwork all at once. I’ve offered to give a free gig or even refund a person or give revisions if a person wasnt happy. Instead of the couple of problem buyers being reasonable, they decided to report me using false claims and because they reported first, they “won.” I’ve even had obnoxious buyers who were also sellers want things for free with no consideration for anyone else. They took the work for free abd even used it and then even copied gigs I’ve had for months though they had NO business offering those gigs as they didn’t even have the background! Additionally, they were allowed to try to egg me on, be insulting, call names an be completely unreasonable in messages. But because they reported first, I got in trouble with fiverr for calling them out on it an telling them they were rude and not being professional while not resorting to name calling. It had killed all business I had on fiverr and to be honest, while it is unfortunate as someone who can’t work due to injury, I don’t really plan on staying with fiverr if they reward lies and people who are in the wrong. Bottom line is only work for the amount of money you’re willing to. And if you don’t cash out at least $100 at a time or more, you’re losing our because of fees. I refuse to work for 3.93 an hour and be treated like poo. Not worth it.


@highimpactmedia - sorry to here about your experience on Fiverr :frowning:

Some people won’t to make other people’s ives a misery for no reason whatsoever, no idea why. It’s a shame.

Definitely not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket though - i’d never try to rely on Fiverr alone for income.

@cybercube - That’s fair enough


I offer a money back guarantee…

…and noone’s had to use it :3 =D>


I haven’t been here very long, but am I correct that by saying “money back guarantee” what sellers mean is that if the buyer isn’t happy there will be a mutual cancellation?


i give the buyer implied sense of a MBG. if after i deliver and i have offered a revision they’re still not happy then they can use the mutual cancel. never found out a buyer yet who cancelled and then used my work.


Nope. I did in the past. Somebody said it wasn’t up to scratch so I gave them a refund. They then used the work and made about $2,000 off it as an eBook on Amazon, ended up with around 150 positive reviews and I tracked it online (the person launching the book) and they kept everybody updated on the sales :slight_smile: (was only about 10 pages, but it was in depth). I do send this text with every order though, which implies they can get in touch with me if they are not happy.

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I always try my best to give the best satisfaction… i give drafts… redrafts and continue finalising my graphics work with the buyer through constant messaging on fiverr. I only send out the perfect work in their eyes… Even if they are still not satisfied with my work, i offer them more re-drafts or finally ask tell them that i won’t charge anything. I send these messages to every seller… telling them that i will draw a couple of drafts for you so that we can build the perfect drawing.

This way you can mantain good relationships with most buyers and have 100 percent ratings… worked for me ever since i got here




I am planning to order a gig of a high value (50$). The seller has already mentioned a money back guarantee with his gig.

Now if the seller doesn’t deliver what he promises, will I get back the payment? Also I would like to know if Fiverr has access to the messages between a seller and buyer. Coz I am pretty much setting my terms in front of the seller before I place the order.

Also 50$ (being equivalent to 10 gigs) - it might take a long time for me to use that. So cant I just transfer it to my Paypal account ?


I have the opposite I will guarantee to never give your money back. I get paid for my time and so should everyone else on here.


Reply to @matt_garry: I agree. Unless the seller doesn’t deliver what they said they would, I have no idea why you should get your money back and the seller should get nothing for their time and effort. $5 is an adequate amount for figuring out that you don’t like something. A “testing fee”, of sorts. I find it beyond ridiculous that some people adamantly insist on recovering $5 because their “likes” are not met.

Money back guarantees invites buyer scams. ANY reason becomes one for a refund.


I’m new here so I don’t know how much my opinion matters but words like ‘guarantee’ and ‘unlimited’ scare me. I have heard a lot of horror stories where people say their work is guaranteed, or they have unlimited edits and the buyer continues to take them up on it. I don’t think I will be using any of those words in my Gigs.


I do offer a money back guarantee, thinking that

1.I know the value of services I provide and the fact that my clients will be satisfied with them &

2.It is a “clever” way to ensure the prospect that you’re not a scammer.

Definitely there are people who will take advantage of this, so as to get “free work”, however, I don’t believe this is the vast majority.

Fingers crossed Idon’t bump into anyone like this in my first few orders :slight_smile:


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