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Do you guys feel lazy sometimes?

I don’t say I don’t like my job buuuuuuut, sometimes… Feels like I don’t wanna work.
Being freelancer has it’s advantages and disadvantages, it’s really cool to be the boss on our own and work when we want, but I must say that all my days are the same, wake up the morning, turn on pc, check messages, work, hang on forum, work, eat, hang on forum, work, play video games the evening, go bed, repeat the same routine everytime.
Feels so alone, I lmust say I miss my colleagues from school, without covid I was supposed to be recruited in video production studio but with the actual situation, I became freelancer.

What about you ? :rofl:

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Hahaha I totally feel that! I wake up late because I tend to work better in the evening (and have lots of people I need to talk to who are in the US) but it’s definitely a circle that just never seems to end!
(That being said I don’t write all day every day (sometimes I try) but I do spend a huge amount of time planning / talking to clients to update them, negotiating new jobs, etc.)
I miss living in a big city (I lived in Paris for nearly a year!) And definitely being able to hang out / go to new places. I struggle a lot with following routines since I’m just home all day but I’m getting there! Sort of.

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It’s such a bore sometimes, lonelyness is quite hard, gladly we have this forum with folks :’(