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Do you guys read my private messages?


So this is the second time now I got one of those:

“After reviewing your message we’ve decided to approve it. It was received by *** at *** **, 8:31 PM.”

I mean you guys have to do what you have to do, but do you just randomly do this? Because I am sure that I was not reported by the other partner… well unless they hit that button accidentally.

I honestly find this very disrespectful.


If it contains certain key words which could potentially be against the terms of service, it gets automatically flagged and checked by Fiverr. They will then approve it if it’s okay.

Words might include “email” or maybe words to do with payment.


In addition to what @uk1000 said, this is forum, and it’s mostly sellers and buyers here. Fiverr staff rarely reads the forum, so they’re highly unlikely to read


I wasn’t really looking for them to explain themselves. I know how the industry works. When companies do anti consumer practices they are usually silent about it because you can’t explain yourself without driving yourself further down.

But seriously, this is very frustrating. So every time I ask a member to write a email for me the fiverr team also reads it? Because I ordered a few of those.


If it gets flagged for it yes. Typing “email” into a message gives a warning that it’s “…only allowed if it is needed as part of the service, otherwise all communication must go through Fiverr”.

If the gig title etc. had “email” in it you may not have needed to mention the word “email” in the order so it may not have got flagged. I don’t know if words get flagged the same way (eg. if the same words get automatically flagged) on the order page as they do on normal “inbox” messages,

  1. it’s just what Fiverr has to do to keep business
  2. What gives you the impression your messages are “private?” It’s Fiverr’s platform and all the messaging goes through them, of course they have a right to censor it as they deem fit.


Do you get paid for defending them, or do you do this for free?

I remember reading the same arguments about Valve and how they couldn’t keep their business up if they allowed refunds. They do refunds now and are not bankrupt yet. And I am pretty sure that fiverr wouldn’t go bankrupt either if they allowed people to write whatever they want in their mails without checking them.

After all I can do similar things on other websites without them banning us.

The “contact me” button clearly implies that it is a private message between me and the seller. Not me, the seller and whoever owns that website.


Nope, I do not.

I was in a group PM that got closed down, :scream: so I understand your frustration. :frowning:

However, it is Fiverr’s platform, so they get to make the rules. :confused:

What makes you think Fiverr is in danger of bankruptcy :thinking: .

As you have discovered unfortunately this is not true. :wink:


It’s not about bankruptcy, you signed their TOS when you came to this website so you clearly agreed for their terms and one of them is reading messages when needed.

And how about situations when there is a dispute and they need to intervene? (They also need to read messages to solve this dispute between seller and buyer) and if you kept communication somewhere else (hence why “email” words are flagged) they wouldn’t be able to solve it.


I got flagged once for writing a rap verse that was filled with violent words like homicide, murder, etc.


Sensitive areas like that don’t always work on Fiverr. (That’s not my rule, I’m just explaining it.) There have been top rated sellers banned for producing content with words or imagery that offended large groups of people. Things change so it’s just something to keep in mind. If in doubt, ask Customer Support what you can and can’t do in a sensitive content gig.


Different words get flagged differently. Email writing is my most popular service, so I use the word, “email” all the time in my messages. Thankfully, it just shows a warning at the bottom of my inbox when I type that word. Other words, especially those involving payment, can result in the message being blocked until Fiverr reviews it and makes sure no one’s trying to break the rules. Fiverr makes a commission off every sale, so they want to prevent sellers from taking clients off the site. It’s a bit inconvenient when you’re trying to have a conversation that would normally involve those words (like when a new user asks me how they can pay for a service on Fiverr), but I think it’s fair that Fiverr does transparent checks to ensure it gets its commission in return for providing this marketplace where we can connect.


I’m sure you didn’t mean that. Yes sometimes staff reads our messages. It’s not private. There is tight control over what goes on and how people communicate. Rules are taken seriously.


I offer a service to automate Emails. So, my messages and my buyers’ messages contain the word Email constantly and the warning always shows at the bottom, at first when I used Fiverr, they checked my messages a few times, now my messages don’t get flagged at all.

I guess Fiverr has an algorithm to determine when/what to check messages.

Good luck.


Across the forum, there are lots of people bitching about Fiverr.

Like any other entity including you as an individual, rules are created to guide and guarantee existence. These rules do not have to be universally accepted.

The truth is the pain is real, almost every complaint I have read has lots of emotion attached to it.
Some things you have to accept fast and come to terms with for the sake of your mind.

If there are policies and rules that seem oppressive, 90% chance is that user complaints will not cause any change, especially for monopolistic businesses.

Do not be fooled, there is no such thing as privacy online, it doesn’t matter what policies or legislation governments enact, both corporations and governments themselves will have access to whatever information they want for whatever reason as long as it is on platforms they create.

They may publicly make you feel so, but the reality is far from the truth.

So, if you care about what you say or don’t, then some of these platforms are not for you. But as long as you do anything online, at the back of your mind there should be a possibility of anything happening with your data.

Your only hope is that the people using the data are adults and responsible enough.


What I try doing in most cases is to use another similar words whenever any of my text is highlighted with red color. I bet there are ways you can explain yourself clearly without mentioning emails at times. You can try it out, if you don’t want them to keep flagging your messages.


I do that quite a bit, but sometimes I don’t. Completing some of my orders requires a constant mentioning of email, payment - that’s close to 90% - there are not that many synonyms for some words. There is no way around it.

I once thought, Fiverr would implement something like Airbnb - they will hide emails, telephone numbers in any communications. But, there are many ways of going around this on Fiverr, so that wouldn’t work.

The bottom-line should be, do not try to steal Fiverr’s customers. Be straight with customers.

If they access your communications and find that you are doing it, you won’t escape their wrath… :slight_smile:

Side note: I personally prefer Fiverr deal with the stress of customers & payments for me, so I am even thinking of bringing some of my offline customers here.