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Do you guys use the vacation mode?

I have never used the vacation mode since I started working here. I usually try to manage orders when I am on vacation as well. Most of the time I can deliver on time although here and there I deliver late, but those are rare instances.

I heard from users who used the vacation mode, but they didn’t have that many orders after reactivation.

I guess it makes sense since you are not active and other users work continuously and end up in top searches instead of you.

Anyway, have you used it?

It depends. I think top rated sellers for instance might experience a very slight drop in sales but they would recover fairly quickly. The same for level two and level one sellers but in a different degree (would take longer time to recover for each level down).

I haven’t used it specifically because I fear my sales dropping. They already fluctuate enough as is, but I think I would enjoy more solid ground to fall back on, as in a higher level, before I activate vacation mode.

i used vacation mode when the job is full or on vacation, but the job is never down i think.

I have also used the vacation mode, and Yes some time its true, you will not get much orders. But some time you will be flooded with order and messages and a lot of work. As I think it depends upon your level and previous orders and deliveries.


I use vacation mode, there is a drop of sales after reactivation so you have to count with that (or disable the vacation mode few days sooner before you are fully back). But I like it as I do not have to change all the delivery dates, risk late deliveries - and after all, I can have really vacation (or focus on another jobs) without worrying about Fiverr management.

From mine perspective it is better to loose few sales than to loose a rating.

I have used vacation mode also and it dropped sales not even little bit but effected too much and some of gigs sales are even stopped since coming back from vacation.

yup i used it once like 4 months ago and it is still affecting my sales. Better not to use that unless you are are top seller.

I agree! I use it when I need to get caught up on orders. I don’t notice it affecting my sales badly enough to keep me from using it again.

i agree and i have seen many fellow members complaining about no orders after vacation mode (i personally never tried vacation mode)…but i recommend increasing delivery days if you have lots of work in this way your gig position will not change as much.

Thank you for all your replies. After I thought a little bit I decided to not use the vacation mode. I think I will just add a day or two on the delivery time. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will use this option instead. I managed to make most of my projects so I am sure I will not be late with any of the orders in the next two days.

It will reduce your orders. I’m a frequent user of it and most of the time I used it when I receive too much orders to handle. However, last month I fell sick and on vacation mode for nearly 3 weeks. After that all of my orders stopped. And still not receiving one message per day against 10 - 15 messages per day before last vacation mode activation.

I agree with keashan, This may reduce your buyers and orders, But this may take 3-4 takes to back in the situation that you actually need. Though this is not better to turn it off, If you can bring a mobile phone with you and keep contacts with your buyers, If you needs vacation for long time, Then go for Vacation Mode. You can rank your gig again too.

Good for you! Well for some high traffic gigs I even did not noticed that the gig dropped in search, but everytime I get back from vacation mode, I have just a few more vacation days on Fiverr, lol.

As you said, it is perfect when you get too much orders (what is too much?:slight_smile: or you get a large project out of Fiverr you want to focus on.