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Do you hate revision like me?

Do you hate when the buyer ask you for revision , hate it a lot loool :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Lol! Im always a bit surprised to get a revision request, since I dont offer any. If you offer them, youll get them, because buyers want to get their moneys worth


Convert their revision requests to dollar. then you will love it !
additional revision additional money !

Why you dont offer revision ,because you know buyers want to get their moneys worth!
What if they dont like what you done ??

If its an error on my part then sure. However, if they suddenly want something different, or they made a mistake in the info they provided to me, then I charge.


It depends. I dont hate revisions, because they mean that you can improve your delivery, and by doing so, making your buyer happy. I always offer one revision with every order - and this covers things like style, speed, etc. but only if the client has provided good instructions in the first place, and I wasnt able to live up to those.

They do not cover script changes, or changes because of bad instructions.

If a buyer requests changes based on edits to the script or new instructions, etc. Ill charge for a new session.

So Im doing what @veniceart is saying, Im converting the revision requests into dollars.

What I do hate is clients who need endless revisions. When youre on version 47 of a voice-over and the creative team they have critiquing the VO (their mom, dad, office clerk, janitor, and the 5 slightly-nerdy startup-guys across the hall), you can get pretty exacerbated at times. But at least, then that order has gone from 15USD to 500 bucks!

What I see as a problem is that the revision button is available at all if the seller isnt offering free revisions. The buyer should have to reach out to the seller and agree on a price before the revision button became available - or at least only be available for the set number of revisions you have included.

Some buyers abuse that button a lot, and for inexperienced sellers, that can quickly turn into a nightmare.

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Oh Revisions, Revisions
sometimes i work with clients, paying cheap and requesting revisions which i dont provide for free and i mention this on all my gigs, that if you want to request an additional revision you have to add extra $ to the order, the thing is some of the clients think that even if it is mentioned in the gigs description, they still have the right to request a revision.
sometimes i get threatened to modify the order or getting a bad rating, thats why i cancel the order and give them the delivery for free just to avoid getting 1 star rating, then of course block them.

@samarart - Im very careful to define my projects in detail before raising an offer. Like or not like isnt a reason to cancel according to TOS. If I make a mistake, a revision isnt really a problem and Im generous with my time.

You guys with the more creative gigs are in a bit of a bind with revisions but still, so many offer unlimited revisions on very low priced gigs. Raise your prices and youll get fewer revision requests

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