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Do you have a favorite buyer? What do you like most about them?

I really love my buyers, especially my regulars. They’re respecting of my prices (whether they go up or down), and always leave wonderful reviews to pump up my ratings! My favorite one is someone for whom I write and edit children’s stories.

I’m not usually a non-fiction girl, but my buyer loves to research obscure, interesting people that no one’s ever heard of and allows me to infuse a literary element (or five) into every piece.

It’s usually a monthly sort of endeavor, and we have fun with it.

Who’s your favorite buyer, and what do you like most about them/the work you do for them?


I have a good few and like them for different reasons.

My longest regular buyer at this stage (over 3 years) just orders and accepts deliveries. No chat, sometimes a “Hi” or “Thanks” but just no fuss and quick work too.

Another one (over 2 years) recently said something like “Ok, let’s just go with your recommendation. You have gained my trust over the years so if you say it’s a good idea then it has to be”’

Finally, I have one that has recommended me to 5 people at various times over the past 3 years or so. These are not small orders either and they create Fiverr accounts specifically to buy from me so that is really excellent!


I got a few regular buyers (40+ orders with them and still going :slight_smile: ). They’re all very co-operative, easy going and fun to work with. We rarely haggle on price as they know I always give fair price and I know that I have to give them good price to make sure they keep coming and regardless, they almost tip on all the orders so it’s not too bad. :slight_smile:

Here’s to the good ones :beers:


What a great topic! I have a hard time choosing just one but there is a family that stands out as people I feel very close to for several years. It’s not that unusual for me to have families ordering from me but these are special people whom I feel particularly close to. They are very warm friendly people who are appreciative and lovely to work with.



Nice question.

Most of my buyers are wonderful people. Real ladies and gentlemen. I feel blessed and grateful! But I do have a favorite one. A young woman who has been coming for relationship advice again and again as she could not manage to find the perfect match for her. Until she was “trained” to finally experience the “happy end” she was looking for. I remember another one too. A man who was looking for help in order to understand women better. A real heroe, if you know what I mean…


That’s the sweetest thing ever. I have a sweet buyer who orders sweet nothings to text to his girlfriend, stuff like “You look like the sun when you’re smiling.”

if some one not use modification request and directly accept the order then he is m favorite buyer :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

I love all my buyers , they make my life great … :咧嘴笑:咧嘴笑:

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My favorite buyer is one of my Top Buyer (currently #5 by amount spent). I manage one website for them & it’s for their interior business in Texas. It’s almost 3 years since I have been caretaking their website. Well, it started with one $5. They started the order without sending any message. I was pretty annoyed at that time cause I had a cancellation already in that week, but later I check it would take a couple of clicks to get the $5 in the pocket. I deliver it then provided some suggestions to improve. Then they approved my suggestions and ordered a bit large gig. 6/7 months later I entirely redesigned the site and for then taking care of all development work. I have couple of more long-time buyer but among them, they are special to me & favorite :smiley: