Do you have a Fiverr exit strategy?


Clearly the Fiverr boat is still rocking hard, heaven knows what state its going to be in when the waters do calm.

Could it be time to move on? Should we be preparing to jump ship? Whether Fiverr is your primary or secondary source of income, do you have an exit strategy?

What other options do you have, please share. Inspire a seller!!


Sounds interesting do you something we don’t know? With regards to exit strategy I guess that’s withdraw funds and that’s the strategy complete


Well, so far I have been withdrawing funds more frequently than I used to. I have since stopped linking to my Fiverr profile on my external marketing platforms. I am thoroughly exploring the option of publishing my own work . Lastly, I am reinforcing my presence on other freelancing platforms.


Why would I want to exit Fiverr?

Fiverr is doing just fine. Fiverr is profitable, growing rapidly, adding hundreds – perhaps thousands –
of new sellers every week, and constantly adding immense value to the freelance world. How is any of this a “sinking ship”?

No business should be easy and without challenge. Challenges motivate success. If you don’t like the challenges provided by working here on Fiverr, there are plenty of other ways to make a living than to be working as a freelance service provider.


yeah right cool. anyone else interested in discussing other options that are not fiverr?


I believe discussing (i.e., promoting) Fiverr’s competitors – here on Fiverr’s forums – is inappropriate.


talking about publishing my own work and advancing my position as an entrepreneur is inappropriate? cool, then don’t participate its that simple.

Also, Fiverr is self-opening these doors by messing with a lot of sellers who have invested time and resources building profiles that work. Its been over 45days now, a majority of sellers are still experiencing gig tanks due to their mal-implemented algorithm tests. Its only fair that we develop backup plans, I do not see anything wrong with that.


I had plenty of good freelancing jobs that i never wanted to end but sofar nothing has been permanent. One platform was shut down without giving any reason what so ever, another platform was shut down after a local law change that upped their expenses. Always good to have a bit of cash put away and doesn’t hurt to keep a few other doors open.


You can talk about how to become an ebook writer and self-publish your own books, or how to learn a new skill. But I don’t think you are allowed to discuss other platforms here, that’s what @jonbaas said. No reason to be rude to him, he was just stating a fact and actually saving you from making a mistake that you might regret later.


I am not rude and this is just a conversation. I noticed an error I made in an earlier comment and I corrected it. I also checked ToS and we are allowed to discuss as long as no names are mentioned. So yah, I am looking into self publishing as a backup to Fiverr. I am interested in exploring other ideas that other people might have, without breaking any rules of course.

You have mentioned stock trade in the past (if I’m not mixing up profiles), did you take a course or what? thats another avenue I would like to explore with the profits I have made from this great platform :smirk:


Sure, you can talk about online trading :slight_smile: You cannot talk about Fiverr’s competitors, that’s all. I was an online trader for many years before I took up Fiverr full time. Don’t jump right into it, as you will lose money. Take a course in technical analysis and value investing first, then practice with mock trading platforms, and start with a small amount. After 6 months, you can get serious about it, but always trade with a stop loss.


that is exactly my point and aim. I know some really good sellers here who have struggled to keep afloat ever since the algorithm changes kicked in. Personally I have relied on recurring buyers but last week I got a message from a past buyer who told me she could not find my gig to place an order. I sent her a custom offer and that was settled but it got me wondering: are there other past buyers who are trying to order my gigs but failing as well? What if this becomes permanent? and then blah blah…fast forward to this post.


Yeah, I understand, yes, you need a backup plan. But you can be the best judge of that.


Your gigs are always listed on your Fiverr profile. If someone has been working with you, and they know you and your work, all they have to do is visit your profile and all of your active gigs are listed right there. It is never hard to find your gigs.


Also, regular buyers will have favorited his gigs, no reason why they can’t find them…nothing to do with the algorithm.


If you need me to explain in detail what her problem was I will:

She ordered a gig, came back for more and added to her favorite list. She decided to come back for more but could not find the gig in her list so she assumed I had ‘deleted it’ ( I have never deleted a gig) so she decided to send me a message and we resolved to work via a custom offer.

I sent CS a message about the issue and I was told it is part of the new system, saved gigs or sellers that buyers do not use over sometime can be replaced on the list.

So yah, thats just about it, enjoy.


Wow, didn’t know this…bad for me.


All these changes being implemented might seem small but as time goes on they can affect the way you operate and in turn, your income. I value repeat buyers a lot , especially the ones with clear cut instructions that are easy to follow. They make it easier for me to deliver quality work, losing these is potentially damaging to my career and worse with no “new orders” coming through I am basically as Sheldon would say, “attached to another object by an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis.”


I only made it through the first 3-4 comments… It became a little hostile way too quick :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: my phone keeps posting before I finish.

I’m just getting started here on Fiverr and I certainly don’t see it as my main income source. But who know what will happen in the future. I have not found other freelancing options to promote services that are as simple to use as Fiverr.

But I’m open to try some others if I need to.



haha, sorry about that. It wasn’t my intention really.

The aim of the post was for interested users to discuss different ways of protecting and insuring their businesses. Anything can happen anytime just as @mgjohn78 said earlier. The recurring changes could be a boost for the platform, or they can be a burst for other sellers, so It is good to share ideas…without breaking the community rules and ToS of course.

I agree with you on the fact that Fiverr has been the easiest and most simple to use…i guess i fear change!