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Do you have a "gig" you least like to do :)


I do, I have a number of gigs that I deliver sometimes within minutes of noticing an order. And then, I have ONE GIG… Oh my, I wait to the last possible minute and then do a bunch of them to clear out all those that have accumulated because I “dislike” the work.

But I still do it, because every time I do 50 of that gig, I can sell a copywriting job for about $500 to $700 on Fiverr. And usually out of that I’ll get 2 or 3 $100ish jobs.

I don’t mind that work, I just loath the $5 work :slight_smile:


I have one of those too, but that is my best selling gig, so I go it. I also have a few that I can sell in minutes, so I understand your view :wink: Sometimes we have to do what we have to do.

ozzieuk said: unless you are a logo factory.

Is a logo factory anything other than exactly what it sounds like ... a "graphics mill" that churns them out fast?


Reply to @madmoo: I had a buyer on Fiverr who really milked one of my NEW gigs to death and eventually she caused me to delete it, and she was really nice and told me that she would pay me more money outside of Fiverr. I don’t do that, so I told her to order like 5 of my Fiverr gigs and she’s now up to 12 gigs ordered.

I have recently put my gig back, but have totally reworded the description based on my experience with her, so now the gig should not be so stressful and I will make more Fiverr orders from anyone like her. Again, she was not a bad buyer at all, but it was my fault for not seeing it coming.

She’s still buying Fiverr gigs from me :wink: It is a pretty big job.


I only have two gigs. One is extremely popular; web design. The other which is Photoshop type gig no one has bought as yet. That’s fine though… I love web design.



I usually prefer starting with the ones I least like doing in that order,

in that way I get to finish my gigs on time


Nope, nothing yet.


Yes I have, but I suspended it already.


I used to dislike doing my writing gig because it was so long of work but now that I shortened it it isn’t so bad.


I am a graphic designer here in the UK the thing I dont like doing here are Logos, the reason, for something quick and simple for $5 usually turns out to be a long drawn out process, its just not worth it unless you are a logo factory.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Sure that’s exactly what I mean


Ohh I hate that OptimizePress gig in my list. Its something that is targeted towards hardcore marketers and they tend to be less technically inclined so they end up creating more problems and taking more time.

What I expect the gig request to be like : Please change my menubar color to blue

What it actually turns out to be like : This is my competitor’s site [ insert a million dollar online store’s link here] , make me one like that for 5$.

I might get rid of that gig completely. Its a waste of time just rejecting bad orders, it would be more productive to just remove the gig.


I have a couple that i put off till the last minute because its worth way more then a single $5 order