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Do you have a special plan in 2019


Share your experience of 2018 on fiverr and whats your intention in 2019 .?? Any special plan for 2019 to expand your business…share your ideas so that everyone get benefited…


umm till now i have no perfect idea. but in some days i will creating my blog and also thinking to start blogging on youtube to to provide technical content. but i still fill awkward and face some problem when i put my self over camera and microphone. i think my mind stopped while i trying to do that. but i am trying for that. please if you have any suggestion, just tell me to improve my self.


Thats coincidence…please don’t be shy from camera…just start what you have in mind…in initial stage you will face some difficulty but dont be disheartened… i also have some plan for 2019 something similar to yours … wish you best of luck…


yes …i am just implementing and working on it…may ALLAH gives me strength to achieve my goals…ameen


I only have one gig right now (I’m a voice over talent), and I’m planning to create more specialized gigs to broaden my reach ( a gig for explainer videos, one for character work, etc.). I’ve also been doing research on social media marketing and what best practices I can use to share my gigs with other people. Lastly, I set up a habit to check the buyer requests several times a day; at my stage in my career, it’s more important for me to just get more jobs from people and build my reputation than it is for those jobs to pay really well.

Lastly, I try to keep in mind that Fiverr is just one potential revenue stream for me. My business is much bigger than any particular platform.

I am very excited to see what this year brings!


To be honest, I’m not really sure how you, or any other seller here on Fiverr, is going to benefit from MY plans for MY business. I have plans, and I am working towards them, but it seems odd to share them here. In some cases, I CAN’T share them here because they are confidential, and are internal to my own business. If I share them, my competition might start using the same ideas, and then I would have hurt MY business. That would be unwise, don’t you think? :wink:

I will say, though, I have plans to grow my business, as I’m sure any other dedicated Fiverr freelancer does as well. I can’t share the secrets of my business goals, but I will wish you luck as you continue to work toward yours. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as making good business goals, and working hard to achieve them!

Good luck. I sincerely hope 2019 will be as great a year for you, as I have plans for it to be for me. :sunglasses:


Thanks,i really liked your response…! i will start work related that soon…!


Wish you good luck


As comic artist and 2D animator who offer service at Fiverr… I will publish new comic book this year to gain more popularity around my country and trust on global.

I was upgrade my skill from last year and want to show what I have now.

Previously, I already have 14 books but was not have new book since 2012.