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Do you have affiliate program?


Do you have affiliate program to refer my friends to Fiverr?


While Fiverr doesn’t have an affiliate program in the way you’re asking.

You can send your friends to your gig. Get 80% of the sale! That is a fairly impressive affiliate commission. LOL


I am using affiliate program of fragglesrock, they pay for life time and much better than Fiverr. They also have $1000 contest once in 2-3 months.


Reply to @seomagician21: This is against Fiverr TOS to promote their competition.


They should have an affiliate plan


Hey everybody,

Fiverr actually does have an affiliate program! You can check it out here: http://fragglesrock


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Your question is…

Do you have affiliate program to refer my friends to Fiverr?

The answer is No No No… you will have to do work on fiverr for income there is not any affiliate program to sit back and earn income without doing any work.

Therefore work instead of sitting idle and asking such questions.

Please do tell if you have any more questions or doubts related to Fiverr, I am here to answer them.




There is no such thing as making money without doing anything, as any person who uses affiliate marketing knows. To imply that people who use affiliate marketing are lazy or some other way not earning their money is wrong.

I use affiliate programs on all of my web sites. What I offer depends on the site. Web page real estate is expensive. The more popular the web site; the more expensive the real estate. That is how it is, all over the web, all over the world.

Affiliate programs allow small and large businesses to advertise in the most affordable way whether it be by using Amazon, Adsense, Commission Junction, or Avantlink.

Further, direct affiliate programs such as offered by Hostgator and other companies offer the web site owner a deeper incentive to sell their product or services for them because there is no middleman in the transaction.

People who sell advertising using affiliate programs of either type are sales people, working hard for their money. They must provide engaging, useful and timely content fresh every day, or at least three times a week. We have to keep our search engine ranks up and our site has to be 100% SEO perfect at all times or those ranks fall. Advertisers stop purchasing ad space if the rank falls. This is a full time job!! There are no days off, no vacations, no free lunch. Often the rewards for the work are not seen for months or years.

I like Fiverr a great deal. I would promote Fiverr to other people if I didn’t need to earn every penny I can to pay my business expenses, pay my bills, feed my children, and put gas in the car. If there were an affiliate program I would gladly consider placing a link to the Fiverr site on any number of my web sites related to the services provided here. I can not afford to allow people to advertise for free. That is similar to allowing you to advertise for free on a billboard indefinitely. As it is, promoting Fiverr does not provide any benefit for me because there is no promise that site visitors will actually purchase from me and I will not get any credit or cash for the sale which Fiverr and other Fiverr members received payment. That is asking me to work for nothing.

On the other hand, Fiverr could spend some of the 20% they charge us to list our services on advertising to both increase registered sellers and buyers. But, I haven’t seen that being done except if you actively search for Fiverr an ad shows up. It does not show up when searching for people to do many of the services we sellers offer. Fiverr should be placing ads in the most popular categories of sellers. Incidentally, paying a 20% commission is very steep and is not competitive.

Lastly, it is not an affiliate commission when I produce a product or service for my money. That is paying a commission because I don’t get to keep the full value of the work completed. To say that is an 80% commission is full of it and trying to blow smoke up your skirt.


Hi cmldmb,

Thank you for so accurately pointing out what legitimate affiliate marketers are asking for. Affiliate linking would definitely help grow the site by increasing customers as well as sellers - while gaining Fiverr a TON of free advertising and only paying when they actually make a sale. The grind comes when Fiverr just wants us to advertise for them - forever - for free.

If someone were to advertise their $5 deal elsewhere on the internet, why wouldn’t they just advertise the deal directly and take 100% of the sale vs. paying Fiverr’s 20% cut?


Although Fiverr doesn’t have it’s own affiliate program, it does pay for signups through cpa networks. So if you were joined up with one of those cpa networks you could earn referral commissions through that. Just in case anyone was wondering :wink:


which CPA network are they connected too?


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