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Do you have any anecdote with Fiverr

Hiya! Just starting on Fiverr, but I don’t want advice nor tips —I can find them on the net!

I was thinking “All right, I’ve seen a load of videos and read plenty of articles about Fiverr. But, is that all? It can’t be possible! There must be scammers, envious people, and bad clients over there.”

So, I’m asking you this. Do you have any anecdote with a client or a seller?

This is intended to have a good time while reading and sharing anecdotes, so please, don’t take it personal nor mention names.


If you are interested in stories that are more on the side of bad experiences, scams, etc. you may find the Ranting Pot a better place to read. Fiverr Stories may have some, but most of them end up there.

Please note that it is against the forum rules to mention usernames in a negative way, so stories may not call out names.