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Do you have any specific ideas on how I can improve my existing portfolio?

I’ve recently joined Fiverr to hopefully earn some money doing what I love - unfortunately, I’m getting into an area that has a lot of great sellers, which is proofreading and editing. I believe I have the English skills and will to succeed, but I’m rather oblivious on how I can make myself stand out among them. I have consulted and tried applying the tips from the stickied posts on the Forum, and while I’ve made some progress, I still feel unsatisfied.

Looking at my profile and gigs, do you think there is anything that can obviously be done to improve them? Do you believe the pricing is reasonable for the quality and quantity of service that I offer? Would you consider buying from me if you required proofreading/editing services?

In general, what are your thoughts?

Thank you in advance for taking your valuable time for this. I truly appreciate it.

Hey there, and welcome! Always good to see a fellow proofreader/editor :slight_smile:
I’m a new seller as well, but the one thing I noticed is that your proofreading and editing gig’s title might be too long. When you’re looking at it from your profile, it looks like it cuts off after the word “English,” but with an extra weird comma.
Not sure how you would fix that aside from splitting one gig into three though :confused:

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Thank you for commenting!

I’ll try to narrow them down, but it’s not an easy task without sacrificing info that would be interesting to the buyer. Nonetheless, I’ll try to apply the advice as much as I can. It’s a good idea.

edit: Looks like I made it work. Thank you for suggesting it!

No prob! Happy to see that it’s working, and good luck on Fiverr :slight_smile: