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Do you have any Suggestion for my Fiverr Gig?


Can you check my Fiverr Gig, and tell me what should I change or Add?
And why I’m not taking any Orders? Do you have any Suggestion?
Thank you!


Maybe a slow month. It has been the same for me. Have you been looking at the buyers requests? Sharing your work with people?


I hope so, but until now I had only 2 Buyers other were by my Friends just in case to get better Reviews. Do you think that my Gig Description and Title is Well made? And how Should I promote my Gigs and Where?
Thank you very Much!!


It has been a slow moth for me. I promote my gigs on my blog then submit that link to stumble upon. I use twitter and google plus. I am sure you will get more orders soon your new so it may take a bit for people to look at your profile.


Oh also use Instagram to show your cartoons


You have a stolen photo on your profile, from here:

That’s not against any Fiverr rule, but potential buyers may see it as a warning (if your photo is fake, what else may also be?)
Change it, is never a good strategy.
On the other side, if you offer drawing services from portraits, it would be better to show on your Cover an example: real photo/your design to give an idea of how good you are.


Oh, Thanks, I used it on my Profile because I read that Female Profiles get order than Males. And in the Gig Cover and Portofolio is completly my original Work.


I know, a bunch of self-entitled Fiverr experts say that, with absolutely no ground.
Now…look at my Profile picture and tell me what I am… then look at my Gigs.
You have 30 seconds to do that.


Your Photo is Female and you have very good reviews and to much sales


You believe they came because I have a female photo there or because of my works?
Some of my reviews say “he did a good job” … some "she did a good job"
Is your work what makes a difference, nor really your picture. :+1:


Thanks . Great Advice


You’re welcome.
Now work a little on your Fiverr Cover.
Like I’ve said. To give an idea of how good is your work, better try showing a real picture on one side, and your work on the other. You have to give the idea to your future buyer: "Oh that guy/girl/alien is good, let me see…"
And everything will start rolling

Note: Sorry @crystaldayton that I came like that into the conversation, that was not on purpose… I just lack of social skills :neutral_face:


Where do you think is the best Comunity to Promote my Gig on G+.


Join groups relating to illustrating


trash it bro !! hhh pls


What do you mean, by Trash it, to delete it?