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Do you have any suggestions for new comer?

I am new here. I am a digital marketer and sell my social media service. Do you have any suggestions for me?


Use your expertise to promote your own services.


Wait, one day you will be successful.

He definitely won’t if he just waits.

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Hey, First of all, All the best.
Second of all, Have patience(For at least a month),
Third of all, Keep optimising your gig until and unless you have work to do.
Open Incognito tab and search for the gigs in your niche, Analyse everything from title to tags, (Every literal thing) and compare it with your gig.
Learn that you only got two mode of turning a viewer into potential buyer .i.e text (title description, faq etc) and image (Thumbnails)
Use photoshop or canva for images and learn copy writing for writing the best text on your gig.
Most importantly go through the forums, lot of experienced freelancers give their invaluable advice.
and dont leave behind the seo and algo.

Fiverr does not allow a service you are offering. Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

Check out this post: Third party TOS violation - Lead Generation

Active on 12 hours
Every day 10 buyer send
Share your gig on social media and web2.0 site to get impression and click

@sujondeb421 You are a new seller with a 5 month old account and no reviews. Your last delivery was 5 months ago.

Any advice you give lacks credibility.

Parroting a string of meaningless statements all over the forum is of no benefit to you are anyone else.

PS. Posting on the forum will not get you sales.

I opened an account five months ago but gave a gig a few days ago,