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Do you have AWESOME buyers?


There are so many negative posts about buyers who do not appreciate our services that we give them, who are demanding, cancel orders, leave negative feedbacks, and who, in general, are simply not aware or understanding of what our services entail.

I just want to make a post about an awesome buyer, who I have been working with for 3 years. We work diligently together to create exactly what he needs. There is a lot of give and take in our communication to get things just right. He challenges me on every gig and I love it because it makes me a better designer, and he always appreciates me in the end, by leaving positive reviews and generous tips.

Our last order together was awesome, but in the end he decided that the order was not the result that he wanted, but he did not cancel the order and he did not leave a negative review. In fact, he paid for the gig, gave me a glowing 5 star review and stated that my work was excellent.

These types of buyers need to be applauded because they are few and far between.

Thank you so much Kevin. I appreciate you! :+1:



In the short time that I’ve been on Fiverr so far, I’ve gotten 14 orders. And, so far, I’ve only had to deal with the absolute best of buyers on Fiverr! They were very courteous, kind, and prompt in their communication. And they had complete respect for my quoted prices and the services rendered.

I think the category of your gig may also play a role in terms of the type of buyers you might come across. Although, for the most part, I think the “bad buyers” are evenly distributed across all categories, some might have a little more than the others. Also, I’ve learned from the other experienced sellers that the pricing of your gigs plays a HUGE role in defining the type of buyers you will come across.

:arrow_up: YES! Absolutely!


All of my buyers are awesome. :sunglasses::+1:


I do!!! I love helping buyers succeed and I am still getting used to seeing written feedback, so it is so exciting to read that they were happy and that the work benefited them in some way. I often get referrals but it is still neat to see actual written feedback :slight_smile:


Lucky for me, I haven’t had to deal with any bad buyers. I do think that some buyers are just not informed and think that sellers can prepare their requests in the blink of an eye.

We, as sellers, need to communicate with our buyers so that they can understand what we are offering, and what is involved in the process.


We are the lucky ones to always have awesome buyers :+1:


Congrats! You have the perfect mindset. It’s great to get positive feedback. Your buyers don’t have to leave feedback, so when you get it… you know that they really appreciate your talents.


I’m compile the order 2 and it was very good Buyer…


So far, only positive experiences with buyers. :sunglasses:


Hello, all buyers i have been working with were really polite and i am happy to work with them. I have been in fiverr only 4 months and i have met only one really rude buyer. i believe that most people here are good and kind. I hope you meet only great buyers!

Maria S


Great to know you’ve had a good results.


That’s great! As time goes along I’m sure you’ll meet some awesome people and get great reviews.


I find that the majority of people are great, but you can’t please everyone. The ones you can’t please are generally misinformed and just don’t understand the process of some gigs. I try to be polite, helpful, and understanding so they can at least walk away knowing that I care about their feelings, even if they’re unhappy with the results.


I have the world’s best, nicest buyers. They are nice, polite, and wonderful to work with. I love helping them. And they seem to appreciate me and my service very much. It’s a win-win relationship for us.


Same goes with me, I also have repeat buyers who are nice, loyal, and polite. But, there’s buyer who really catch my attention. We’re not only talk about business, but we also talk about our daily life. Aside from high-paying orders and tips he usually give, he and his wife have the true nobility.

He is a dream client :grin:


Yeah. This is just right. The buyer did not rate the delivery but the overall experience :relieved::relieved:


I always strive for a win win. I believe when you communicate with respect and positivity, you receive it back 10 fold.


That is awesome! When people verbalize their satisfaction it gives you a feeling of pride in knowing that you’re appreciated for your talents & skills.


You are doing well in the short time that you’ve been here. Some buyers (especially first buyers) don’t always leave a review, but generally you will know when you have good rapport with a buyer. Keep up the good work.


Of course you cant please all buyers. The important thing is to know you are doing your best from your side. I wish all best luck to you!