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Do you have "Buyer Requests Option?"

Hi, I am new to I am unable to access the “Buyer requests” option.
Any answer would highly be appreciated.


it is not on the left menu but on the end of the top menu.

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@marinapomorac did you checked first image?

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did you just simply try zoom out view?


Both of your images are wrong you need top menu horizontal not vertical.

Dont look at the left vertical menu, I never even open that one. use horizontal on the top.


i don’t even have top menu

what browser, how is this possible?

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Hello and welcome, the option you are looking for is at the top of the menu. You have to go to the option more and them select the buyer request

Hope this help you.


@fawnine just need to restore 100 % zoom view on his browser I guess

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@marinapomorac @surajrenuka okay okay guys thank you very much, I tried zooming out and boom I got that menu, AWESOME guys!!


can you have a look at this too, I’ll be very thankful :grinning:

@surajrenuka @marinapomorac @kilomy

I don’t even have any single impressions, views, etc

Nobody has that, they are changing system in to “making more money for them” system. Read GIG N/A topic and also Fiverr paid gig Promotion Ads - New Gig Analytics Coming Soon!


fiverr team is working on that issue !
none of us have that thing for now.

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1st create a new gig

Here is the option for you created and customize your services

I would be happy if you tell me more about using Fiverr buyer request option, and how can I use it for my growth? btw I am a newbie.
@marinapomorac @surajrenuka

You do Your PC Size “80% Zoom Out”…Then alright…

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It is complicated since BR are like magic tricks you see them but you don’t and when you do it is too late. Most are scam and other sellers trying to get you to waste your 10 offers. Also it depends on your region when you will get to see them. Right now i see nothing while someone living in country near by sees 100. Crazy.

well, can u tell me more about it so basically what can I do with these offers? how can I use them?