Do you have customers with too high expectations


Hey guys,

i just need to tell you what happened to me today: Over night an order was placed by a customer that wanted me to create a green screen video. In my description i provide each and every detail, but HE wanted me to do weird extra stuff, say different things, wear different outfits, do several expressions in several versions… for 5 bucks???

Well, i wrote him that i will do this for more, because there’s a lot of work behind this gig.

Then he just wrote: Cancel.

Because i’m a curious one ( :slight_smile: ) i asked him if he had people here on fiverr who did this job for $5… then he started to insult me and became impolite: I’m a waste of time and he thought the price i’ve sent him is a joke…

I just told him, if he wants good quality he has to pay more, that’s how the world’s going, baby :slight_smile:

Now, to make a long story short… Did you have this kind of experience when customers think for 5 bucks, they get a product that is worth 10 times more?

I think think these people don’t understand the purpose of fiverr… $5 is the base and this is what they get based on our description, isn’t it like that? I use the $5 to get potentials customers’ attention and that they can “test” me to check my reliability and quality… the money is in the extra gigs

Maybe i’m wrong, so i’d love if you could leave me your thoughts here…


Yes, that is happend to me every day but luckily there are more nice buyers who understand you can not work hours for $5 and also luckily for us there is a mutual cancelation option.

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OMG - every day it happens. I woke up this morning to a $5 gig wanting $100 worth of work. In my gig description i state what a basic gig covers. When they are so far off the mark, it is obvious they didn’t read the gig description or if they did, they are hoping they can get something worth a lot more for pennies.

I learn my lesson. Once I had a $5 order and the buyer wanted a lot more than what the basic $5 gig covered. I decided to do the gig for $5 anyways. What a mistake. After that, he came after me for gig after gig for $5 with every gig beyond the basic $5 price. At that time, buyers could still change and rate past gigs with no time limit. I was stuck. I ether did what he wanted for $5 or he would change his previous rating. The buyer was smiling big - he had me just where he wanted me.

Thank god Fiverr changed the rules where after 30 days buyers could not change past ratings. Once his gigs got past the 30 day mark I was home free and the next time I said NO way when he requested a gig for $5. I told him how much to do his gig but he just complained about the price.

He’s gone…thank god.

stefanbeier said: I just told him, if he wants good quality he has to pay more, that's how the world's going, baby
Did you actually call him "baby"? 'Cause that would be funny.
stefanbeier said: Did you have this kind of experience when customers think for 5 bucks, they get a product that is worth 10 times more?
Three words: "Ranting Pot category". :)


Reply to @steveeyes:

When I was sick, I changed my gig to “100 words for $5”… mainly because I didn’t want orders. I knew some people would overlook this, so I put a disclaimer that I was only doing 100 words right at the top of my gig description. I highlighted this in bold and bright yellow.

I knew people would miss this too, so I wrote it in my request for more info. I said this gig is ONLY for 100 words max, which isn’t a lot. So if you’ve ordered by mistake, hit cancel and I’ll accept.

I received order after order from customers buying one gig, asking for 500, 600, even 1000 words. Either we have the most unobservant people on this site (who really should have their driving licenses taken away), or we have a lot of people who just don’t pay much attention to what gigs say.


Thanks for sharing your experience here with me! So we’re all seem to be in the same boat and and have the same pain! Well, fortunately the vast majority of the customers here on fiverr are very kind… So we should focus on the positive and not negative!


And yes itsyourhing… i called him “baby” lol :smiley:


Reply to @stefanbeier: Awesome. :slight_smile: