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Do you have less revenue and fewer customers with the new search method?

I have been on Fiverr for a year with excellent reviews and until a few months ago it was fine with a good and steady pace of work, even if I had to stop for a month and a half due to Covid-19. Fortunately, returning I found some customers. Then nothing more since Fiverr introduced a greater selection in searches, so the views have dropped and I am contacted less and less by customers, who in turn disappear and do not even read the answer.
I would like to ask you a question to better understand, did you also have fewer contacts and views in the last months of 2021, consequently less work? Do you also risk regressing your seller level or have you found other solutions to be able to work?
Thank you


Its so tough to get the order and returning buyer in the 2021

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I’m not sure what the connection is but my overall impressions and views have fallen through the floor this year. I’m still getting fairly regular work, but if it’s wasn’t for my work outside of Fiverr, I’d be worried.

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For me, my business has stoped to work since 1 month and half, I almost got the lvl 2 sellers badge, then i got the lvl 1 badge instead, that i have lost today, I don’t know why xd

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Have you had cancellations or anything? I’m interested to know if levels are lost if no work comes in at all.

Yes, my bad, the “why” was more about the business not working, but yes i know why i lost the lvl 1

I find this incorrect, after the effort put into getting there!

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Well, it’s life, i guess :confused:

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I understand that the moment is not the best. But according to some data, work on the web is on the rise, and the sites and platforms to work on it have also grown.
Seen the situation is similar … have you already tried to contact the support service?

No need to contact customer support, they have nothing to do with this, it’s just a matter about if people want my services or not, customer support can’t force people to buy, lol.

Actually the problem also comes from Fiverr as well as the situation, with more detailed research. I am displayed less, that is, less gain.
Before the update everything was fine for me and I worked linearly.
Even the Badge, they decide these things, not the customer.

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