Do you have siblings?


I have a brother, my only brother and I miss him. As siblings, we don´t always get along. But I know he cares about me. I care about him too. He has helped me numerous times. My brother is my hero (one of my heroes). We live so far away from each other, but we keep each other updated through the internet.


Well, i don’t want to be rude in any way or hurt your feelings. But don’t you think this platform is not appropriate to talk about an outside topics? NO OFFENSE! :worried:
BTW! I don’t have any sibling/s. :sob: :frowning2:


@iamsachmusic I did not get offended by what you said. But I saw a lot people here have shared their personal life stories, and other topics that don´t have anything to do with this platform. Even the top rated ones have done that too. How did I know that? Because I browsed, I´m a robust reader. BTW, why don´t you tell that to older users who have talked about things that have got nothing to do with Fiverr? Did you tell me that just because I´m new?

It´s okay, some people don´t have siblings. Don´t be sad.


@iamsachmusic chilllll, why does it matter

i’m a middle child. one older who’s a politician, one younger who is an investor, and random me on the opposite side of the country from them trying to make a living off of music and freelancing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@aryytranslates @leahemme Yep!! :grin: You guys are correct.


You have a sibling who is an investor? That reminds me of that Shark Tank show :slight_smile:

Sometimes I wish I were a middle child.


@iamsachmusic Have a nice day :slight_smile:


My number is third in siblings.I have 2 elder sisters and 1 younger brother :smiley:


:heart: :grinning: It’s okay to talk about outside things under “Conversation” that is not 5r related. Some end up being really popular. I believe someone posted a limerick thread that made it to hundreds of post not that long ago? :wink:


I have siblings and I can’t live without them


yes i have siblings :slight_smile:


Yes. Well, sibling, not ings.


To everyone who has participated in this thread, thank you. I was just missing my brother, but I talked with him last night on Skype.


No (20 char)…


Thanks to you too!! :smiley:


@aryytranslates I think it’s great that you took the time to post about it in a category that is appropriate for general chat. Having great family relationships can be wonderful. I hope you get to visit with your brother again soon. (While my original response was brief, I am very close to my sister and greatly value the relationship too.) :+1:


@fonthaunt Thank you very much, I really appreciate that. Yes, I hope I get to visit my brother some time this year. I love my brother so much. I wish I had a sister. I imagine, if I had a sister, she and I would be besties :slight_smile:


All my 3 brothers are deaf and dumb (Neither can speak nor can hear),we communicate in sign language and we are very close to each other .And my besti, Anjy is not here and of course I miss her a lot that sometime I begin to weep.:sob::cry: They all are elder to me.


@anjylina I´m always impressed by people who can communicate in sign language.

If I were you, I would try to call my bestie on Skype or send her an e-mail and arrange an online chat with her :slight_smile:


@aryytranslates I do online chat,but I miss her when I leave for university ,eat GOL GPPAS,select dress or Sandel,do the cooking and each and everything alone. :cry: