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Do you have these TRAITS FOR SUCCESS on fiver?


There is a set of personality traits a good freelancer needs:

* the ability to be one’s own boss and force yourself to work when you don’t feel like it, otherwise known as taking responsibility for your own success.

* working longer and harder than you would at a regular job when the need for it arises.

  • thinking outside the box in a creative way about how to market yourself and your skills

  • not getting discouraged when things don’t go right, and continuing on anyway

  • accepting the ups and downs of your income fluctuations as a self employed worker

  • trying new and different things until you hit the right features for your gigs

  • putting in irregular hours-- not usually having a set work schedule

  • having a basic concept of advertising and what buyers are looking for, knowing how to communicate to their needs

  • having a good grasp of the English language and how to use it correctly

  • the ability to overcome obstacles as they arise, no matter what they are, on your own without help

  • having at least one basic, marketable skill, that you are really good at

  • being good at communicating with customers in a friendly polite but business-like way

  • always meeting your deadlines, completing your gigs and tasks on time

  • a tolerance for spending a lot of time alone, working on your own

  • enjoying what you do, and loving being your own boss, with only yourself to answer to

If you possess most of these traits (or hopefully ALL of them) you have the keys to a successful career as a fiverr freelancer. :thumbsup:

If I have left some out feel free to add them.


This one factor alone casts a disproportionate shadow on all the other points. The ability to keep one’s sanity intact while working alone, no co-workers to discuss things with.


Yes and that is one reason I spend so much time on this forum.


I disagree with you on this point. Yes you must try to solve it yourself if a problem arises but if it’s wasting a lot of your time, get help.


And you make a good point. My point was that for the majority of problems that come up you are on your own.
Of course get help from customer support when it’s needed too.