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Do you have this experience


Talk about requirements with a client in message board, then go without saying, the client just orders and disappears, waiting for your delivery. He don’t know there is a “submit the requirements” process between ordering and delivering. Then you will spend many days or weeks to wait and communicate, completely unnecessary.

Fiverr should give us and clients different ways to complete ordered gigs, just like an option "we have discussed the requirements in message board!"

Do you have this kind of problem :wink:


Yes. I have 10 buyers who did to me like this. One buyer ordered and posted, “give me few days” and then started the counter, and then disappered. Cancelling it would give me negative and not cancelling it have given me late and negative rating as is. So based on that I can tell you that people who order on fiverr this way are horribly moody. We go ten steps to communicate better with the buyers but the attitude that we get from them as if they don’t care, is very bad.


Same feeling :-w Many times, the order is just 1 gig value, not BIG BUSINESS, why my client and I can’t complete it more easily. Every time, I ask my client, “Hi, please say something in the ordered gig”, “I can’t deliver the work”, I always think it’s so trouble [-X