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Do you have to respond to every message to keep your response rate low?

I had a conversation with someone about one of my gigs, and it didn’t work out, but their message is the last one in the “thread”. It basically says, “Thanks, I understand, maybe next time” that sort of thing, but do I still have to respond to it to keep my response rate at 4 hours? Because there’s nothing really I can say, besides basically restating what I said in previous messages.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I don’t respond when there’s nothing to say and the conversation is obviously over, and my response time is 2 hours. :slight_smile:

I am getting to the point where I am reluctant to engage in deep and meaningfuls over a $5 gig. Book me. Don’t book me. But let’s not spend an hour discussing it when all you need to know is clearly written in my gig descriptions.

I believe the “Average response time” is an average of:

your response times to the messages, you actually responded to.

So if you don’t respond to a message, that message won’t have an effect on your overall response time.

(just my experience)

my av. response time didn’t go up when I didn’t reply to a few messages. But when, one day I decided to respond to messages a few days older, my average response time went UP.