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Do you HELP the new freelancers?

Hi, My name is Rajput Sami. I am a newbie on Fiverr.
This post is for new sellers to come to this post and get suggestions from Experts.
I am very thankful to our senior Fiverr successful freelancers.

My question is I had made my gig about 5 days ago. How much did I should wait for getting my first order on Fiverr?
And what are the best ways for getting my first order?
Can you check out my gig plzzz?

THANK YOU :slight_smile:

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Here are some articles you may find useful:

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You will reply to all your buyer requests. That was the best way for getting your first order. Provide the best quality service to your client. That was to help your gig rank & giving more orders from Fiverr.

I have very few buyer requests round about 2 to 3 buyer request in a day only

Keep patience & reply buyer requests regularly. I hope you’ll get your first order as soon as possible.

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