Do you know how can I see my gig in fiverr 1st page?


I am new in fiverr. But I dont know how can I see my gig in fiverr 1st page… If anybody have any experience about it , Please share with us. It wii help us. Thank you


The Fiverr account for tajubd doesn’t seem to be active?


my account name is magneticpoint


Of course - how silly of me to think that your Fiverr account name might actually match that of your forum account.

There’s no way to ‘make’ your gigs appear on the front page. All you can do is to deliver orders to the best of your ability, and let you profile and gigs grow organically.

There’s no way to ‘jump the queue’ I’m afraid.


actually my old account name was “tajubd”. But unfortunately it was disable but my forum account is active. By the way I completed 3 order with 4 days. But my gig is still same page, But I need front page… Please give me a suggest me, How can I DO IT?


You can’t make your gig get on the front page - it’s just not possible. :sunny:


If I will get more order?