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Do you Know How to Increasing Sell

Hi I am Ayesha Jannat
i am a professional digital marketer and graphic designer
i have more than 10+ account are disable
newly i creating this account Now i want to know how can i
protect my account

and a piece of good news for the seller I am professionally done digital marketing work in cheap
rate if you need please send me a message
i swear that you get a good deal with me
My account is Click here

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Are you declaring that You have been suspended more than 10 times and you have created this account ? .:thinking:

I am confused …

If yes then kindly read the TOS . I am really shocked :scream_cat: .

One person One Account. You should ask fiverr support if they allow you to use fiverr again or not .Otherwise this account will also be suspended soon.


There must be a reason why Fiverr is disabling your accounts. You probably violated their ToS and were permanently banned from offering your services on this platform. If that’s indeed the case, your new account is probably going to get disabled, too.

Abiding by the ToS and not creating multiple accounts are the two thing that immediately come to mind, because I believe that having a functioning seller account (that’s not restricted/banned) is the most basic requirement for “increasing sell” on Fiverr.


Based on what you have just said I don’t believe that you can!