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Do you know the secret gig favorites formula


Who knows the way of getting unlimited gig many people do know that secret ?


Yes please i want know secrets.?


I do. I know that secret. But it’s a secret I am not allowed to share.


Are you suggesting that you have a way of artificially manipulating Fiverr’s system for monetary gain?
If so, I suggest you don’t as you will be banned, most likely along with anyone who does it with you.


I thought he just meant that little heart thing that shows you how many people luv your gig. Which is of course a vitally important part of success on Fiverr and a closely-guarded secret only the Fiverr Elite know about. Shh.


Is it that secret from “The Secret”? I was dying to read it when I saw it in the bookshop, but, well, obviously there was no use reading it, as then it wouldn´t have been a secret anymore. I didn´t want to spoil the secret, so I didn´t buy it.


The secret from The Secret ought to be kept a secret because otherwise the secret from The Secret wouldn’t be a secret, would it?


nods As good old Benjamin used to say:

Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

I´m naturally curious though and not especially afraid of death…
Is it a free secret, ionfrog? I´ll give you a free forum favourite in the meantime either way. :slight_smile:


This is the very stuff that gives con men their snake oil powers, ya know. You see, the secret is in the word unlimited, and the pre-existing supposition that there is some secret force stopping those faves from automatically coming in unlimited droves that only the Fiverr Elite knows how to combat via a miraculous formula.

If someone gives me $27.99 I will tell them the secret and the truth all in one go. How does that sound?


Oh I thought you knew the secret when you contacted me, too bad.


Oh man, easiest $5 in the world, just click a button and get $5. What a champ!

Some sarcasm was used in this post



Sounds like a steal, I always wanted to know the truth since I read it will set me free, secret, truth and freedom all for under 30$, I´ll write it on my wishlist, send it up North with 24h express and get back to you then.


yea, please send it up North, we will take and send it right back, seasons over,
you’ve been naughty, that’s the truth…:wink::smile_cat:


idk about to get gig favorite .:sunglasses:


There was that trick but it’s now patched. (I am delighted to say that I reported this as well to CS before a long time. :smiling_imp:)

What the trick was that after the favourite button was clicked onetime, refreshing the browser and quickly clicking the favourite button again counted in multiple favourites instead of just one and this was possible multiple times at a time.

Fiverr now implemented google tag manager for this so, sorry blackhatters now it will get you reported to CS for manual attention.


We Need How You Tech us? Its Very important For All User


Most of the posters here THINK they are all “Pandiths” anyways…


@taverr you are the forum master man.!!! :smile:


Yeah I read something like this on a blog about how to succeed on Fiverr but it sounded dodgy to me. Some people are always trying to game every system.