Do you know this artist - and/or - is this your style?


I saw a Facebook add (attached) and want to get 2 pictures done of my boys for their social media. I looked through 100+ artists, but the styles just didn’t match. I really like this style and would like to do this or something similar.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.


Wrong category.


Come, Mario. This is surely a tip for the enterprising seller who has no idea what they’re doing but can whip up a quick approximation (then whine about the bad review).

Oh, yes. It is the wrong category, my bad. I wonder why OP didn’t just contact the FB page to ask them.


Thanks for the help Mario. Appreciate the help. Oh wait… never mind.


Emmaki - Great idea on reaching out FB. It was simply a sponsored ad. I did ask, but didn’t get a reply. Went to Plan B and reached out here. I also submitted same request to support desk here.

And yes, first time user of Fiverr and the forum topic labels are a confusing. User error.


Save yourself the grief of either jaded/bitter sellers and/or incompetent newbies and look up an app, or just get a customized cartoon from a local artist who can also digitalize it.

Trust me, you’ll get better results. Besides, did you never visit a local-ish tourist resort as a kid and get a special cartoon portrait done? It’s a fun experience in itself.

Fiverr was just spamvertizing. Watch how they handle the downtime that’s coming up very soon. Support your local artists. They’ll do a much better job.


Yes. How are we doing on the downtime Emmaki?


This appears to be a screenshot of an ad and the ad itself would lead to the artist. It would be faster to go that route than attempt to pore through search or hope for a forum reader, unless this post is really a bit of misdirection. Regardless, if the artist who created the image here sees this on the forum they can reply best in My Fiverr Gigs, so the post will be moved.


Mario was correct since this wasn’t a tip for buyers, but regardless, it’s been fixed.


Check out @zeus777
Great work and value.


I enjoyed a day away from the computer, naturally! It didn’t affect me at all.

That said, given that you’re from Fiverr, why not tell OP who the artist is, as presumably you are in (closer) contact with whoever did the ad and therefore who the gig belongs to, concluding this thread in a useful manner?


It might be “Azumaken” . Good luck :slight_smile:


I don’t know about this @emmaki. @mjensen415 (AKA Matt) did stay in touch with the forum team during the outage which was great, but he just doesn’t seem like a people finder to me. I can solve the problem, though since I have a gig for finding people!

I will step in and offer my services but it will be a custom quote due to the need for a defibrillating Schrödinger’s catabase to locate the artist. My guesstimate is I can do it for around $8,001.00. Well, give or take $500 for variance in the improbability generator. @emmaki, would you like to donate to help the OP since the invoice is a tad high?


@eofinnegan and @annai80 - you are both ruining my offer to find the actual artist for a substantial fee. I forgive you both, however.