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Do you know what tags are for?


Do you know that tags are not involved in key search visuality of Gigs inside the system ?

Tags are simply search request links. You can do whatever you want with them and it won’t change your Gig’s rating and search positions.
Tags were created specially for bots like Google etc. For external robotic visitors :slight_smile:

People who do SEO (I mean real ones - not fakers) can see the code from inside.

Just remember, when you click on tag = the same as you search this word or phrase in the search bar. Absolutely the same.

When Google coming, he goes to these doors and creates his opinion about all these places.
This is what tags were created for. For Google

It’s only my opinion, maybe I’m not right - this topic is for those who deal with SEO and indexing. For webdesigners who everyday see the code from inside.


Did you read this from the Fiverr Staff on what tags do here now? You may want to.


This topic for those who doesn’t know what is SEO and how it works.

Sorry. I’m about 15 years with SEO and index questions.

This topic is not for me :slight_smile:


Pardon me :slight_smile: Didn’t realize you were “above” us and it was beneath you.



Everything I say is only my opinion

May be I’m not right

But if it’s interesting for you try to do anything you want with some tag - and you will see absolutely NO change in positions :slight_smile:

/NOsarcasm — but I LOVE sarcasm


I did change some tags and noticed a change in positioning. Whether it was from the change of tags or something else, who knows. I do know I listen to Staff when they tell me that it matters.


You are so far away from seo.

Even if tags would be involved in search positions it needs some time to update the index.

If you want to check your positions properly - every time delete your browser cache.

Sorry, this topic is not for you pal. I hoped to discuss with somebody who deals with seo.



It’s “Cache” not “Cash” Mr. Condescending.


cheers 4 my typo

have a good time


Fiverrs gig tags aren’t really meant for crawlers and bots outside the platform. Their mostly for the users and seem to play a small part in the search algorithm.


I added there extra info: It’s only my opinion, maybe I’m not right - this topic is for those who deals with SEO and indexing. For webdesigners who everyday see the code from inside.


This is a public forum. Any user may reply.

If you want only those who deal with SEO and indexing to reply, you can ask for it in the title.


It’s only my opinion and as everybody I can make mistakes.
SEO people (I’m not good one by the way) - we have a habbit, for us it’s much easier to check than to believe to everything. Maybe tags will be involved, right now now I see that they are not involved.
But I will check it again :slight_smile:


Cheers, I forgot. I added there this info
Simply this topic is about things which not everybody can know.
It’s for those who speak html, php etc.


Agreed always do your own extensive tests, experiments stats gathering until you get results you can repeat. That being said when studying fiverrs search algorithm you wont be able to utilize all your normal tools such as stat crawlers and test bots due to the terms and privacy policies.
This makes studying much more limited, your basically stuck with bits of code, your personal stats, logs and experiments.
Personally i studied fiverrs search algorithm by experimenting, logging events and stats for 4 years to get the same amount of facts i would get in a few days when studying a normal search engine.


I’ve just started my tests. I didn’t bother about it before, but my Gig was f**ked by Fiverr’s index and it made to think and studdy the Fiverr’s algorithm. :slight_smile:
I have my ideas how it works - but it’s only my opinion. With a lot of mistakes.
But in a few days I think will know a little bit more.
Simply I do some change on my dead Gig and see the result :slight_smile:
Today I added my unique test tag - I see that it’s not indexed by system :slight_smile:


Fiverr staff have said that will change soon and that changing tags now would be a good idea.

In the coming months, we’re planning to enhance the way search identifies your Gig, and decide if it’s relevant to the buyers searching for services. With this update we’ll start focusing on the search tags that define your service.

Before we apply the new method, we wanted to give you some time to update and add the right tags for you and your Gig. You should go update on the Gig edit page (it’s called “search tags”). You’ll get a more detailed notice when we have a release date for this change.


You know what?
It’s only 5 short tags. I’m absolutely sure that everybody filled them properly in the very beginning :slight_smile:
Even if tags will be involved in key search it will change almost nothing.
For example: for my Gig i need only 2-3 key words-phrases and all another Gigs of category have them already. It can change nothing in search index - very simple logic.


Why do you not have SEO gigs if you are so versed in the subject and know more than what Fiverr is telling us about their own search function?


I’m resting from seo here. SEO is very borring really. I would never bother here about these details - simply my Gig was f**ked by the system and I started studdying it here. But I don’t enjoy it :slight_smile: