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Do you know when fiverr market place rising up?


Hello there,

As we know that Fiverr market place becoming very popular over the world as for it’s cheep service. Obviously this market place covey very important rules for buyers and sellers. As we know that Around December and begging of the year, the trend in Fiverr go down! So my question is when fiverr market place rising up? I really don’t know is this question make any sense or not! I’m really work-less. I don’t know how to get order in continue.! Is there anything you would suggest, which will be best for me?



Hello, you can find many helpful tips if you do a search for the words tips in the search box of the forum.


I can’t really understand your question. Are you asking when will Fiverr rise?


I’m guessing that he’s trying to ask that since January is a slow month, which month is going to be a good one.

Answer: Depends. Different sellers experience different trends throughout the year. We can’t tell you anything about how your clients will behave.


You sure? Because it would really help me if you could! :slight_smile:


If only…I’d be doing really well if I could predict stuff like that :smile:


Yah i did. but didn’t find good enough!


Yah that’s right! Had a mistake! i wanted to know when exactly it will rising up?


Do you want next week’s lottery numbers as well? :wink:

Nobody can tell you.


You are right but you just focus on returning buyers, what about new buyers?


:smile: yah that’s right ! nobody can tell me, even you! :wink:


What are you talking about? You haven’t sold anything yet on Fiverr, at least not on this account.
There are thousands of sellers getting orders every day. If you’re not getting orders then ask what are you doing to get those orders.

Why don’t you start by writing your own gig description?


That’s right i’m new in this market place but not new in online marketing! I do work in other market place as well. That’s right

That’s right! as a new seller some times it’s depend on luck and experience! I hope i will get my first order ASAS!

I don’t know is it allowed in the Fiverr Forum!


Pity that - maybe you need to look a bit harder? :wink:

Better remove the mention of ‘Upwork’ in your profile - Fiverr wouldn’t like that. :sunny:


Thanks for kind feedback… i was think about it! :slight_smile:


That’s actually not what I said at all, and I’m puzzled where you got that. When I refer to clients, I meant all your clients, old and new.


Yep, I know it’s a terrible username. Not sure how that relates to anything though? As long as I’m over 13, I can sell here :blush:





One glorious day fiverr will rise up.
And when that day happens, all of mankind will tremble, and fall down in wonder and awe.
The earth itself will shake and tremble. Mountains will fall. Rivers will turn to gold.

The heavens will open up, and coming forth will be the most wondrous thing the earth has ever seen, bringing a new age of prosperity, peace love and joy… The age of fiverr.



I hardly consider my services to be “cheap”. Below industry-prices, sure, but cheap… not even close. The word “cheap” presents the image of something of “low quality”. My work – and the work of many other freelancers on this site is most definitely NOT cheap and low-quality.

I believe a much better word/phrase to use is “low-cost”, or “inexpensive”.

If you’re an “online marketer”, then you should know how to gain customers. :wink:

Being a freelancer who sits around and waits for free sales on multiple freelance websites does not make you an online marketer. You are not an “online marketer” until you actually start marketing and promoting your services to the people who need them, and bringing in actionable results.