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Do you know, Which platform is not allowed to advertise your fiver Gig?

Hello seniors,

I’ve been working here on Fiverr for last two years In the category of video animations. I need to ask that which of the platform is not allowed to advertise your gig ? I mean I want to promote my gig with paid advertising that can be either on google, you tube, Facebook,Instagram , twitter.

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Not Google Adwords. :sunny:


Thanks for replying. Google adwrods also include Youtube advertising?

Check out the ToS - I think it only mentions Google, not YT.

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Yes I’ve checked the tos but it only says about google adwords. I’m confused because youtube is the sub branch of Google. That’s is why I’m here to ask.

why its not allowed ? to do advertising via ad words any idea ?

I don’t know what’s the reason. But It is mentioned in their terms of service