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Do you know you can add your Gig link in your Forum profile?

When I read a post in a forum, I often want to see the OP gig page or anyone with interesting reply. But most of the time I have to copy and paste the username in Fiverr’s search box.

Do you know you can add your gig link in your forum profile? So when someone clicks on your username, they can easily visit your gig. This has many benefits as it increases engagement by increasing views and clicks. I think it’s one of the important SEO optimization you can do for your gigs.

So to add your Fiverr gig link

Click on your picture > Preference > Profile


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Even for the people who don’t have this, you don’t have to copy-paste their names into the search box. That’s time-consuming and way too much effort.

Just add their name after (e.g. and you’re good to go!

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That’s another option, but most people are lazy to type lol. Some people have long and complicated username… If you don’t want to leave the current page, you’ll have to memorize their username. That’s more effort than copy and paste.

Um…I meant that you copy-paste their username into the fiverr site link…that’s much less effort than typing it into the search bar.

Why would you even need/want to memorize their username when you can just copy paste it after

Thanks for the tip. Do you see my Fiverr link now? I just made the change you suggested.

The point I want to share is to make it easier to visit a gig with a click. Not just to visit a gig.

Yes I do see it. Hey I visited your gig several times before. Now it’s much easier! :grin:

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I know, but not everyone will see your post and change their profile. I just wanted to point out that there’s an easier way than inputting someone’s username into the searchbar when someone doesn’t have their Fiverr link in their profile.

Also, I think this is one step in the forum tutorial thing? Maybe it should be more highlighted. I think it used to be default back when I started using the forum.

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