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Do you know your myers brigg type?

In a previous forum, introverts and extroverts got mentioned. It’is interesting to see how different and similar reactions can be based on personality types.
Myers Brigg is a very accurate personality test in my experience. Have you taken it? What are you?

I’m an ENFP. I feel this really fits me well reading more into it. :grinning:
If you want to know your type search google for myers brigg (it’s a pretty short test) :slight_smile:

Fiver Question: Do you think if you knew a sellers/buyers type and knew you weren’t compatible(in the personality sense), you’d turn away the work or do it anyway? :thinking:
Do you think there should be an option on fiverr to have a psychological or personality test to better understand who you’re buying/selling from?

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I don’t think half of us would be allowed on the forum never mind the main Fiverr site if there were any sort of psychological testing! :slight_smile:

Most of wouldn’t be allowed out in public either!


INFP over here! :slight_smile: i wish there was a badge with everyone’s type! :slight_smile:

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:joy: Good Point. Maybe leave psychological testing out of the equation then.

I like that idea. There would be better understanding of perspective imo if there was a badge!