Do you ladies like Jeep Wrangler?


Yesterday only, I heard from a nephew that the Fiat is bringing their luxury SUV brand Jeep in Nepal. Well, only a few people in Nepal can afford it. It’s one of the poorest countries on earth and the cars cost a fortune here.

The base model of Chevrolet Cruze costs more than $60, 000 after taxes and insurance. So, I don’t think the Fiat will ever launch the Jeep brand here.

Then, my nephew started showing me and my wife the pictures of Jeep Wrangler on the random websites. My wife didn’t like the vehicle’s looks at all and she was like “YUCKS, What is this?” the whole time, he was showing us the pictures.

I have always been a Jeep fan and so are most other guys. I visited many Jeep Wrangler forums yesterday and about 5-10% members on these forums are females.

It’s very confusing to me.


Some people like things that others don’t.

How is that confusing? Unless you’re getting mixed up with the status symbol factor, in which case you believe that having an expensive car should impress everyone, or that expensive things in general are something that should be liked. That’s a fairly common point of view. Not sure where the male/female divide comes into it.


Status symbol factor isn’t even a point here. And I am not asking anyone to like it because it’s expensive. The male/female divide is there because Jeep Wrangler is known as a masculine car and I haven’t met a female personally who likes the Wrangler. I didn’t see the picture of a single female who was a member of that Forum, just names and the way they were referring to themselves proved that they are ladies. So, let me come to the point – Do you like the Wrangler @emmaki?


I have to be honest, I don’t like or dislike this model. I don’t even know what it looks like (other than an SUV, presumably). It’s probably a nice car to drive, so maybe I would? I don’t really have an opinion on it.


Thanks for an honest reply. I am amazed that no one is interested in cars on Fiverr.