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Do you like new "TODO" and "Notification" buttons?


Today I saw an update in my fiverr account and fiverr has changed TODO button and Notification button…I like previous view of buttons because before we can see when we get an order,message or modification as numbers on TODO button but now we can’t see it…so sometime we miss updates from customers…What is your idea? Share your idea here…Thanks.


we are like old one.we can see the how many to do…


No i dont like the update. Old one much better feel and look.


i agree too, i dont like the new look, is hard to be organized with this change :frowning:


No, Hard to manage orders.


Ditto, it’s annoying, stupid little ball thing. I liked the lit up green notification bubble, caught my attention better and the to do number was nice. Also, I rarely ever buy anything so the drop down feels cluttered for me. I just want to see my sales info. Why fix what isn’t broken? [-(


To Do needs numbers back. Notifications is lovely.


I’ll admit, I like the general look of the update, but I don’t like how they took away the numbers.

I do like how on the “My Gigs” page, they have added an up green arrow or a down red arrow next to each stat to let you know if you’ve gone up or down. This really helps an addled brained person like myself. I would look at the numbers before and go, “Those numbers look great…now are they more or less than what they were yesterday?” (Though I still think they need to add a better analytics/reporting tool.) That would be nice, considering they are taking 20% of our orders. Just saying.


I like the new layout, font and organisation of things. I had a hell of a job trying to find my gigs and my revenue pages for a couple of weeks before they finished the changes, now it’s easy and logical. I even think V3 is finally settling down, as I’ve had a couple of enquiries today unlike the last week which was strangely and worryingly quiet. . .