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Do you love your job?


Well? Do you?

I have to admit that there have often been times when I have not. When working on boring or repetitive documents or when I am working when I have something else to do, I do wonder why I am doing this instead of x, y or z.

This question has come up again as I have had a lot of clients lately who are involved in very interesting projects. It has made me wonder why I do this and not these fantastic jobs that others do. I could easily list 10 here but I will limit it to 3 examples of what I mean:

  1. The woman who wrote her life story as a “self help” type book. It was so interesting and nicely written (in Spanish) and covered so many topics that were really quite thought provoking, I struggled to focus on translating it.
  2. The company who do artistic creations for ads and films - quite simply jaw dropping stuff for some top brands.
  3. The start up company selling a sheepskin substitute - nice idea, great advantages and they are really aiming big with their product

These people from different parts of the world, working on very different projects with various forms of creativity and flair really seem to love their work. So the question arose, do I?
The short answer is, yes I do.

The longer answer includes the why. While I never “dreamed” that this would be what I do for a living, I am extremely content in doing it and the lifestyle it affords me. The freedom of self employment certainly makes up for the difficulties it also entails. But that is not loving what I do, it is loving how I do it.
My examples are all doing things that I like the idea of doing but actually would not ever really do. Sure, I could write a thought provoking self help book but it would be different - it wouldn’t be hers (obviously). Art, not something I could really do, my stick men and trees are just too similar looking for me to be an artist. Creating an innovative product and bringing it to the world, hmmm, yeah - I have had some ideas for new products but not the bravery to pursue them.

However, my job which I do love, is to help these people to express themselves. Whether it is translating, proofreading or improving their texts, my job in a nutshell is to make sure that their communication is the best that it can be - to capture their vision, flair, goals and passion - and to communicate that to whoever they need to communicate it to. I love doing that.
I love using my abilities to make their abilities shine through.

Anyway, that’s enough of a break, back to what I love for a few hours and then I will be taking the weekend off! Inspired by @emmaki’s post, I am taking the kids to Limerick for the weekend so I won’t be online except to answer inbox messages (gotta keep that response rate going and the regulars happy!). Play nice while I’m away and don’t give the other mods too much to do.


Thanks for this @eoinfinnegan, and have a smashing weekend!


Eoin I have always admired your posts. You are one of our forum rockstars :). Don’t ever be discouraged from pursuing your dreams. You are very smart and you can always use Fiverr which can help you turn your dreams into reality.

As for your post and your question. I do, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job. I have been very blessed on my Fiverr journey. I had the opportunity to learn, grow and work with some amazing clients.

If someone would have told me 3-4 years ago I would be doing this fulltime I would have not believed it.
I really hope to stick around for the long run.

Enjoy your little getaway, you deserve it after your crazy December :wink:


I wish I could say I love my job - unfortunately, let’s say it’s extremely challenging. I make good money with benefits so there is an upside to it.

Oh, what I would do for something exciting, anything - I mean anything. I love getting myself emersed in a great action flick - my getaway from the mundane, boring life that I lead.

Since I have to work, I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend!!


If you love your job, you are probably just starting or you don’t work hard enough :slight_smile:
You work for money, you buy/pay for the things you love. I love to travel and i travel a lot. I never thought i should be a guide, flight attendant or a black jack dealer on a cruise ship. Work for money, buy your happiness.
It’s all a myth if you ask me, or maybe just a hand full of people actually love their work from start to finish. Those geeks at NASA, those storm chasers, those guys who tag sharks and so on. But normal people don’t really wake up monday morning and say “Oh what a beautiful day to work!”. It always starts with a “F*** me, really? Monday?..F*** this sh**…”

P.S: Mod Note: Unnecessary comment removed! Please don’t start provoking other users!


I love my job at Fiverr because thanks to my late father, I don’t have to depend on it for a living. So I churn out masterpieces for $5 :slight_smile:


Let’s face it, if not for Fiverr, I would be spending all my time reading my Kindle, watching TV or trolling on Twitter. That’s what everyone in the real world thinks I do anyway. Only my accountant and my mother (after I showed her my income tax returns and bank statement) know that I am doing something with my time :slight_smile:


I politely disagree! Even if I would win the lottery, I would still work! It gives you something to do.

The best thing about freelancing is to be able to work when I want, if I want and what I want!


Right about that. I had money before Fiverr, but was depressed because I did no work. Now, since the 3 years I’ve been on Fiverr, I look forward to every day full of enthusiasm. Today I have 13 articles to do, and I’m looking forward to them :slight_smile:


I work on Fiverr as a translator and an illustrator, and as an illustrator,translator/interpreter, English teacher outside Fiverr.
Do I love my job? Yes. Were there times where I felt like screaming “I’M DONE YOU IDIOTS!! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!” and just quit? Oh heck yes.

My clients and students are overall nice people, in and outside Fiverr, I will come across a challenging but fun, or simply a super easy job and get paid for it. I get along well with my coworkers overall ( even though there are some I simply do not like, but it’s easy to avoid them at the office), my boss is a cool guy, and there is never a boring day at the office. If I meet a psycho buyer here at Fiverr, it’s not that hard to avoid him/her. Once the gig is done, I refuse to work on another gig, if the person bugs me, time to hit the report button.

And yes, there were times where I reaaaaallllly felt like smashing someone’s head with a
phonebook. ( mods, can I get away with this violent comment?)

But still, I gotta say I’m thankful for my job, I have a lot of control over my schedule, and
life is good. Pretty darn good. :smiley:


There are so many things to reply to in your comment that it could probably be a post on its own…

I’ve been working full time for almost 20 years. When I worked in sales and sales management in tile and bathroom retail I was extremely good at it and worked extremely hard. I managed a company as it grew from T/O of €250k to €10m in 4 years. Some of my designs were featured in leading magazines and even Harrods in London took some of my designs for their displays. I earned 6 figures in commissions alone, was able to buy a big house, nice car etc.
Happiness was not something I found in any of those things and the sense of achievement was very temporary.
When I worked as a youth and family worker with a charity, I earned about a sixth of my previous income but loved it so much that I continued doing it for free for 18 months after being made redundant due to the charity’s donations drying up after the economic crisis.
Circumstances changed and I decided to become self employed and work as a freelancer, writing mainly for businesses as well as giving small business advice. I then took to translation and proofreading and have focused mainly on that due to the fact that it allows me fit my working life around my actual life, rather than the other way around. I am currently earning a bit more than my youth worker wage and it is more than enough to live on.
Yes, earning money from your job is important but it is not the most important thing for me right now. I understand it may be for some and I also understand and remember the Monday morning feeling you mentioned - I hated it too. Now I do something I enjoy, I am good at and that gives me the money I need. It’s not a myth, yes I would prefer to do some other things but I am more than happy with the work I do at the moment.
I hope you get the happiness you want but honestly, it wont come from money and possessions or if it does it will be temporary.


Wow…I would give up my Fiverr thing in a second for that job :slight_smile:


That’s MAJOR stuff! …


Celtic Tiger wages just grew and grew, I was in my mid-twenties at the time.
Major stuff indeed, or so it seemed at the time. At the end of the day, what was I doing? Convincing people who thought they were rich to spend €2500 on a toilet… It was like they didn’t even consider what they would be doing with it! I do wonder if those people I sold them to, who are now up to their ears in debt, have tried to sell them second “hand” to get some money back as an average toilet will only cost you around €150.


Well, if I had the kind of job you did, I would be married with kids by now, and been a respectable member of the Indian society. LOL. Anyway, back to my work :smiley:


Yeah, I did that too. The kids thing was a good idea, the marriage and divorce, not so much :smiley:
Some day I dream of being a respectable member of Indian society.


LOL…yeah, but you’ve lived a full life, which is great.


I’m 35, not finished yet :wink:


Jesus man, you’re as old as I am, and here I am, an 18 year old kid aged 35. Anyway, enough of this.


I am #2

Whether someone loves something is a function of what they think their purpose in life is and how close that job takes them to it.

I’ve seen instances when one person visited a tourist spot, wrote a raving review about how the food was marvelous, the people were awesome, the oxygen smelled better and how it was better than heaven itself; When the other acquaintance reads the description and visits the same place, he is understandably upset because his experiences do not reflect those of the first. << Some people are just better story tellers. This happens with jobs too.

Some people just put up a floral description of the end product that their company produces, but each employee in the company is just one small gear in a large machinery. No single person gets to deal with all of the good bits that go into making the product. They just cherry pick the good bits when they describe the nature of their job, just like people posting their ‘happy pics’ on Facebook.

There’s lots and lots of mundane work that goes behind a creative product. 90% of the time it is us scraping all the shit which hit the roof. Dealing with HR, lack of creative autonomy.

This sounds much more accurate :joy: